Monday, July 23, 2012

5 tips to get more traffic infallible in your blog

Like any blogger, the traffic is very important to the health and life of any blog, is like food for all living things.

Getting traffic to a blog or site is the hardest thing in the career of a blogger, and failure to receive visitors is enough to leave anyone without sleep.
Thus, in this article today we will share 5 basic tips and valuable will help you get more traffic to your blog or website.

Write lots of content, as there's no tomorrow

The content is primary and fundamental, it is as if the heart of your blog or site. The more the better, with more content your blog will be healthier and stronger, which will appear in search results and receive valuable as organic visitors. Therefore, try to write as much content as possible, and also increases the frequency of post.
This helps your blog to be indexed faster by search engine robots (Google, etc..), And also keep a blog alive for regular readers. In this case, if you can not maintain a stable frequency of posting, then you have the option of inviting other bloggers to post on your blog, or hire writers. In brief also invite you to learn a new project of unique content for your blog you can buy a click of a mouse.

Always give a catchy title for your article

After writing the article, read it with great care and attention, and create a title for it, but keep two things in mind when giving a title: First use related keywords. Second make it attractive with interesting words. This helps a lot and forces your readers and visitors to click on it, increasing the number of page views and bounce rate decreasing.

Keep the uniqueness of your blog

You should always give priority to the singularity, if you want to make your blog visible. The body of every human being is similar, but the only thing that differentiates it from another person is the way they dress, behave, etc.. Try to always offer unique content to your readers, and try to be on the list of the first to introduce new things in the online world. If you're sharing the same things the rest of thousands of other bloggers, it means you are doing little to increase the number of readers. So, to increase traffic to your blog, you need creative ideas.

These articles have not yet search engine optimized title, have been gaining popularity due to its high percentage of CTR and social networks.

If you are someone who pays writers to generate content or buy essays online, try checking in as much as possible the originality of what you buy, at least to have some confidence in the editor.

Write articles for other blogs

The "Guest Post" is a recent trend, but effective in the world of blogs. "Guest Post" means that you can submit your post or article for publication to any other blog as guest author. The main objective of "Guest Post" is to show your presence in the online community, in order to get backlinks and increase your followers and readers. Always post your post on blogs or sites that are found in the same niche that your blog, SEO must be compatible, in preference to those with Page Rank higher than 2 (although each time the PR is less important, is a way to see the authority of a site). If readers find your post is related to their interests, probably, they will click on the link to your profile or signature to know more about you and your blog, and also search engines determine the popularity of a blog or looking site incoming links. In this way, generate permanent backlinks and you increase your blog traffic.

Submit your blog to article directories

Enlist your blog online directory for search engine optimization, and also gives you direct traffic to those articles with backlinks. There are thousands of directories online, just register and submit your blog.

With the advent of the new algorithm with Google Penguin increasingly less importance is given when the directories to position, but in the case of items (especially if the sector), to me, at least it has worked and he still works great.

I'm sure the above tips will help you get more traffic to your blog.

I invite you to share your views on this article and also to give some advice that you think are useful to bring traffic to a blog. Among certainly get a more complete guide.