Saturday, July 21, 2012

8 New Tips to get more followers on Twitter

Twitter is the microblogging social network of fashion and where there is fashion, there are users, and users if there is no traffic. Therefore I'll give you some tips I've learned / read about how to improve your traffic with Twitter and how to get more users to follow you and leave you to follow. Note that for SEO , it is increasingly important to the popularity in social networks, so helpful!

For starters, I have to say that these tips have to implement them, and if you do not have quality content and do not update your site regularly will not do much.

1. Twitter is a Social Network

As I said, Twitter is a social network and social networks, such as their names imply, are to practice sociability. I always say, people want quality content, controversy, news, and all that you can lead to large numbers of followers.
People do not follow (or not often do) to people who do not offer something that does not argue, not debate, do not talk with them.

2. Use a nice avatar

Without being an expert in graphic design , sure you can think of any way to create a logo or avatar for your Twitter user to draw enough attention. Remember that, above all, go for the eyes if you appear in a Retweet or a search.

3. Be yourself

In a social network have to be yourself, not just make news with the link and you are at all. Speak as if you were you (although really you) and not as if you were a super serious business, people want to have contact and treat them as equals.

4. Create discussion

Users want to see what others think (in this case you), discuss (always with respect) your opinions and add or modify information you have shared. Not of those who want to be right at the most extreme, are cautious and believe or think that one has contradicted you're right, you have to let them know.

5. Ask questions

+ Google bought Facebook, what do you think? Obviously Google did not buy Facebook, is a clear example of the kind of Tweet likes people because they can express their opinion. If you believe any of your followers has raised a response that has moved or surprised you, retwitéala.

6. Do not spam

Do not fill the board of your followers with 20 tweets in a row. Be patient and publishes a time in between. Nobody likes to see your entire screen is filled with your posts, that can bother you and stop following you.

7. Share interesting things

Not only have you to share news and articles on your website, you can share things that you think is worth doing. Not everyone is selfish with your followers, not only is your site, users are also interested and funny things funny, or shocking news, and even things that have nothing to do with your topic.

8. Do not anti-business campaign or anti-products

This ugly criticize in an unpleasant manner to anything (whether company, product or person). If you disagree with your opinion or how they act, do not insult or speak with contempt. You can always ignore that person / company in a very simple, letting it go.
Any of your followers can establish bad your comments, stop following you and talk bad about you, and even on the Internet, also dominates much popularity by the traditional 'word of mouth'.

With these simple tips, putting them into practice and with a bit of time if your site is interesting and has quality content, fans will eventually arrive.