Friday, July 20, 2012

Social Network & Marketing Business

Social networks are an excellent way to communicate effectively with customers, but we need to work hard for the campaign is seen as a service to the community and not as a sale.

The theme of social networks is in vogue. Everyone today talks and wants to be part of the major online social communities like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Hi5, Digg, Linkedin, YouTube, among many other options. In the field of Internet, social networks are websites that allow people to connect with friends and even make new friends, to share content, interact and create communities of similar interests: work, specialties, politics, books, games , friendship, relationships, among others.

People, therefore the teams and consequently businesses are realizing that social networks have become a means by excellence to promote their products and services. However, for many who have tried, the effort has been unsuccessful. The good news is that social media marketing is feasible and profitable, the bad news is that we do homework with effort and dedication. If we take advantage of networks is important to know that its popularity is changing year after year, and that we must be cautious because not all sites are suitable for business promotion.

The value of a website that is dynamic and high popular. Now, with the possibility of integrating social media to your site, companies of any size can produce significant returns on investment of online campaigns. Social media can help your company stand out and keep their products or services in the minds of their consumers in a way that was not possible a few years ago when there were no such tools.

Do's and don'ts in a social network

What many companies still do not consider is that one must learn what to do and what not to do to reach customers on social platforms. Otherwise, your social media campaign can fail to take effect as quickly as clicking on the button "no follow". Your goal should be to create an atmosphere of friendship and transparency so that customers feel comfortable. While the amount of casual interactions that allows its corporate website can be limited, the media are the perfect platform for customer service and friendly relations, providing an opportunity to show their clients the personal and human side of your business.

One of the biggest mistakes many companies make when it is a social network is the implementation of a strategy "that is what we sell." It's a common mistake and easy to make. The stark reality is that customers do not visit their Facebook page (or even your site) to read about how big your organization. They come to the site to find out how these products or services can benefit them. Nobody wants to go to a page on Facebook to find a number of advertisements of a company. The people you're looking to interact with friends. The most successful companies in the field of social media understand this and consciously work to maintain a friendly interaction with customers and not just a business relationship.

Most effective ways to communicate

Sounds simple, but it's easy to forget. I have seen countless pages of Twitter messages, such as: "We are now offering iced coffee" or "Our travel fares are cheaper than the competition." This helps us to point out things, but we can associate the message with the consumer. Something like "Our new iced coffee is a good way to cool when the weather heats up or" Could you use a vacation? Our low rates allow escape "are much more effective ways of creating content that is crucial for the client.

Shoot some facts and tips that are relevant, such as: "Did you know that black coffee without sugar contains no calories?" or "The ten attractions in Puerto Vallarta that you can not miss. What is your favorite?" and then your visitors will return, not only to know about their products, but to know what interesting things there for listening. We know nobody likes to be listening to that person who loves to talk over and over on itself (a), so treat your fans and followers as friends, not as dollar signs. Begin to ask questions and encourage conversation and suddenly you have a real relationship with their customers on a personal level.

Successful integration

Integrate social media to your Internet marketing campaign can be an incredible way of relating with customers, but do not see this as a way to make a quick sale. Successful integration means connecting with customers to create a sense of friendship and trust by providing relevant information to help them make a decision to transform daily life in a positive way or simply expand your knowledge. If that leads them to improve the financial situation of your business in the long run, then we are talking about a successful campaign on social networks, but can not go directly to results without first get to work. Keep things in perspective and be easy to achieve an integration of social media that really benefit both your customers and your business.