Saturday, July 21, 2012

Strengths and weaknesses of Twitter for business

Many people interact from their personal computer, mobile phone or tablet through the social network Twitter. This network is very versatile and dynamic, the ability of the same couple that we can learn from everything that interests us-and what does not interest us, is quite eloquent.

Twitter as a platform for social interaction allows us to do many things and enjoy the many benefits that have become his main strength. These strengths not only can we measure them in relation to the business as such, but Twitter users themselves can enjoy the versatility that has this and the way in which they can communicate their ideas.
Benefits of Twitter for business

Agility: One of the most agile services or channels that we know is no doubt Twitter. Through this impressive social network you can very quickly reach your audience and that this channel allows you to that level of agility.

Low cost: Operate one or more Twitter accounts is not only a new channel of communication with your customers but compared to other media, can help you to operate quite a low cost or even free.

Accuracy: Through Twitter you have a wide channel, completely open to be very precise with the information you send, communicate and receive.

Ease of entry: it is not a closed network, much less. All companies have a place in Twitter and the ability to grow without much effort.

Increase your business relationships: If you're using Twitter you have the possibility, as a business, expand your relationships, increase your opportunities expand and grow and above all, make lots of money. To the extent that you relate more, the more likely you are to get better resources and better profit.

Extend your customer service: One of the great advantages is that Twitter is giving through your own business can provide customer support, discuss topics to help users be more effective and above all to have a better performance in every sense of the word.
Disadvantages of Twitter for business:

I understand not everything can be good, because if so, the companies would use anything else to grow. Here we explain some of the weaknesses we have found Twitter when doing business.

It's easy to be "portrayed" is a social network as quickly and with so much interaction, you can easily look ridiculous if you use it properly and think before writing the tweets.

No users of all types:  still it is one of the most used social networks around the world, can not find it (yet) users of all kinds. They are older than Tuenti, and generally quite prepared. We all have the odd Hoygan, but it is most common. This, what your business can hurt you.

Can not be extended: there are times when 140 characters go far, and will miss some space to explain your oversupply or new service.