Friday, July 20, 2012

Tools and techniques of web design

A significant number of websites do not fulfill their mission of promoting employee for having inappropriate design techniques that prevent search engine positioning.

There are numerous techniques and tools for web design. Decide what language, platform and development standards used to design new business site is the responsibility of the web design agency. However, it is recommended that you get involved as possible in this decision, otherwise it your business may face problems of various kinds months later when the website is already in production.

A website, viewed simply as a set of texts, logos, images and colors, it seems relatively simple to create. Some customers even they question how much difference exists between one place and another. To the surprise of many, in practice, the differences may be considerable, as large as the success or failure of the project itself. Behind every website is a technique, a style, a tool, a language, standards, difficulty and finally a goal too. After all plans, investment, effort and dedication to the project, work sessions and content production, several other activities, it is finally: the source code of the website.

After reviewing thousands of sites for over a decade of operation of our firm, I am still surprised to discover the different techniques that can be used to develop a website. Some are so sophisticated, many times more complicated than strictly necessary, that there is more to recognize human creativity in the use and application of this technology.

The problem is not being creative, but rather lose objectivity. The primary mission of a page is not simple and elegant look, or be easily managed. Neither is having the latest technology and highest standards. Not that these characteristics do not matter. Do matter a lot, but all these have a secondary role. What is really important, the transcendental, substantial, is that your website will help promote their products and services, which is the main objective in most Internet marketing projects.

Having a web designer with a mission planted in his mind other than to promote the business, it spells trouble. A few days ago we reviewed the source code of a website that has not achieved a position in search engines. The designer had created a sophisticated block of code to display the text on the page. Besides being unnecessary, this programming style the text was invisible in the eyes of Google, which is a terrible mistake when you are attempting to promote products and client services.

Just as this case, we could talk about hundreds of sites that have implemented sophisticated design techniques that are not appropriate for the promotion of products and services online. The list is enormous, endless. Unfortunately there are many more sites designed with these "special techniques" than those produced using the best practices in web design.

Designing a website useful and effective is not easy, but neither result is that complex. We simply must focus our efforts for the site to speak the language of search engines, instead of devising how to use those tags and functions that we have found a manual to make life easier for us designers to create and maintain the website .

All our creativity must be focused on an important mission: helping our clients promote their products and services online through a website that speaks the language of the major search engines.