Friday, January 25, 2013

Bankruptcy In The U.K.

Bankruptcy and bankruptcy advice from Successful Bankruptcy. This company offers personal bankruptcy support for individuals who have unsecured debts in the U.K. They can help clear 100 percent of a person's debts, stop the creditor hassle, and give them a fresh start.

Stop struggling to make repayments by going bankrupt. You will not be liable for your debts, and you will not have to make any more debt repayments again towards your debt. Bankruptcy in the U.K. is a legal way to clear the debt that you cannot afford to repay. If you are a first-time bankrupt, then your bankruptcy will only last for twelve months.

As a rule of thumb, if you have no assets, are not in high-profile employment, and have no equity in a property, then bankruptcy could be your best solution to clear all of your unsecured debts. Bankruptcy will only affect you personally. If you are living with parents, it will not affect their property or credit worthiness.

You will be able to still have a bank account, keep everything that you use to live on a day to day basis, and will still be able to work in majority of employments. They can liaise with your creditors for you to let them know that you wish to file for bankruptcy, they will write the bankruptcy petition and statement of affairs for you, and they will book you a court date for your bankruptcy.

All that is left for you to do is attend court on the day of the bankruptcy to hand in the bankruptcy petition and statement of affairs.