Thursday, January 10, 2013

How To Privatize BitTorrent Traffic To Escape Six-Strike Policy 2013

In my Wizzley article about the new copyright alert system in the USA [1], I cover in detail how to privatize BitTorrent traffic to escape six-strike policy. This policy will be put into place by ISPs in 2013. It can be cirumvented by hiding P2P activities using a proxy service like BTGuard

Everybody in the United States who is customer of the five following ISPs and who is illegaly downloading files is in danger of getting caught. The ISPs that are about to implement the six-strike policy are: 1) ATT 2) Cablevision 3) Comcast 4) Time Warner 5) Verizon.

I also mention that the copyright alert system (CAS) is called six strikes program, although there are only three sorts of different actions: 1) Informing 2) Acknowledging 3) Mitigation. The first two steps mean getting notices from the ISP. In the second two steps, the file sharer shall acknowledge what they did.

And in the last two steps, they shall get their punishment, e.g., the transmission speed of their internet connection (bandwidth) throttled. This will make their browsing and file sharing damn slow. More information about the organisation behind the system: Center for Copyright Information (CCI)