Thursday, March 21, 2013

Benefits Of A Silent Auction Online

Silent auctions have been around for centuries and today have seen their way to the online arena. Great people throughout history have used the mechanisms of selling goods in this way to get them out of debt fashionably without others being aware of their dire circumstances. To this day silent auction online offers fund raisers an opportunity to expand on this concept in the online arena.

The word silent probably came about when used in reference with this type of auctioning vehicle because bidders and those that were aware of their happening would not be aware who the funds were or still are intended for. Silent would be an apt way in describing this type of auctioning format although other words could be used such as discrete or wordless auctioning online to make mention of two. However, their goal and objectives is to raise money for different causes.

Organizers would have a bidding paper attached with each item on show where bidders would place their bid. These bids would be visible to all so that each bidder could see what he or she had to bid in order to win the purchase. In this way the purchase price may inflate as each bidder would try to outbid the next.

But for all intent and purpose bidders would know that their bids would be going to a good cause and be used to assist those less fortunate than themselves. At times expensive pieces would form part of the auction and may have and still do encompass family heirlooms dating back centuries. Online this may be a worthwhile place to pick up rare items and collector pieces.

In days gone by it was not unusual for marriages to be arranged in this way where participants would be able to bid on their wife to be. This was also common practice in days of slavery where groups of slaves were purchased in this same manner. As to why this was a fashionable way of bidding for ownership of an item or person for that matter was established purely for the social event of the occasion.

One of the reasons why these types make use of the word silent is because those participating do not know who the funds are intended for matters of discretion. However by socializing these events participants can be assured they monies raised are intended for the beneficiaries they serve. Legalization of these events are mandatory.

Because of this one can be rest assured that one is funding a worthwhile cause. It is incumbent on participants to verify this. Likewise it is incumbent on organizers to make have the necessary legal documentation to be able to run such an event.

A silent auction online is a novel way to purchase items of choice. One can also be assured of speedy delivery. By purchasing with a credit card online a bidder is purchasing a product that has the added benefit of feeling that you are doing an act of kindness as well.