Thursday, March 28, 2013

Facebook Fan Page: A Tool To Get More Followers For Your Brand

Facebook has become a part of popular culture not just as a social tool but as a very important advertising strategy for your business or personal brand. Due to its popularity, more and more ordinary folk, celebs, institutions or firms have come to use it for exposure and increasing visibility of a company's products, services or a person's private brand. Using their Fan Page will certainly boost one's exposure as it is created as a public account apparent in any search site results page. A private user account in Facebook is not apparent in search sites. Creating a Facebook Fan Page is free of charge so extra money can be placed in selling and advertising.

Creating a Facebook Fan Page is easy to do. Just go to Facebook's site and hit the "create a page" button at the bottom right side of the page. Facebook then will allow you what kind of Fan Page you wish to choose that may best describe you. The options are local business or place, institution or company, brand or product, artist/band or public figure, entertainment and cause or community. After selecting one, it is pretty straightforward to fill up the data and upload a good photograph. If you would like extra content since a Fan Page has a confined space for private information, Facebook has different applications that may provide an extension of information right into your page. These brilliant applications will enable you to add more content, upload documents and video shows. You can really make your Fan Page explode into life with these programs.

If you would like to get more fans and hit a high number of likes for your fan page, these are some recommendations to follow:

1. Invite your family and friends that have a personal Facebook account to visit your page and hit the like button. It is easy to invite folks to like your page if you have got your own private account. Tell your relatives and buddies to invite their own set of Facebook friends to follow your Fan Page. You can give them some encouragement by giving out motivations like giving away presents or a reduction in services being offered. Offering rewards is a effective tool to get more followers for your page.

2. Supply a link of your Fan Page to all your existing online accounts. If you've got a Twitter, Instagram, Flickr and other networking websites or if you've an existing blog or very own website, attach a link of your Facebook Fan Page to every one of them. Put the link on those pages where people can simply see it. Your own regular visitors from your other online media will be able to visit your Fan Page and become your next potential followers.

3. Post high quality content regularly. It is important that you share some important info that will show others that you are active in your account. Content must inspire others to comment at your roar out box. This is crucial as to build a devoted following and build relations. Post your shout outs regularly too but don't flood the newsfeed as you might lose some proponents.

4. Visit other famous fan page and leave a comment. This can also boost your page's exposure by permitting the followers of that famous fan page to click your internet site. Post witty comments to snatch other folk's attention and you can post a bit about the products or the services that you offer in your page.

Buying adverts. Since making a Fan Page is free, set aside small money for paid advertisement. Facebook offers these services with a charge naturally. Having adverts will hugely increase your exposure so that you will be well placed to get more followers.