Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Key Ways To Use Social Media To Boost Traffic At Your Trade Show Stand

Successfully working a trade show stand requires the coordination of many factors; having a stellar team manning the booth, the most current giveaways to hand out to display visitors, and presenting a quality product are just some of the ways that business owners can effectively help their trade show stand make a lasting impact with the crowd.
While these traditional methods are important to ensure a good showing at each event, it's important to also include a wide range of more modern techniques and tactics to guarantee a comprehensive approach for generating buzz and boosting visitor traffic.

Online Promotional Methods Can Help Draw Crowds To A Trade Show Stand

What's one of the best, more recent, ways to help encourage a surge in guests at your trade show stand? Tapping into the power of online social media resources. It's no secret that social media pages and blogs have quickly established themselves as a marketing powerhouse for businesses in every industry for day-to-day promotional punch. Organizations of every size and scope have recognized that this type of online campaign is a great way to get and stay in the know with their targeted consumer base. However, beyond a daily advertising blast, more and more businesses are also opting to implement a social media initiative to help garner industry buzz both before, during and after the function.

Proven Social Media Strategies To Generate Buzz

When implementing an online promotional campaign specific to a convention, it's important to carefully outline a detailed plan of execution to cover each critical phase in the advertising process. When creating a strategy consider:

Pre-event blasts: Social media marketing before the event can play a critical role in boosting traffic at your trade show stand during the convention. Use all your business' online pages to announce your company's participation in the event well in advance. Follow your initial post with subsequent blasts leading up to the event to continue marketing momentum and give potential guests an inside look at what they can expect from your organization at the convention.

Updates during the event: Want a proven way to truly stand out from the competition also participating at the expo? Coordinate a social media blast that takes place during the event. Offering real time posts is a great way to generate interest throughout the convention itself. Post announcements about product demonstrations, giveaways, contests, or even blog about your experience to give attendees even more reasons to take a closer look at your trade show stand.

After the expo: Just because the convention has ended doesn't mean it's time to stop talking about it. Leverage your online marketing clout to give some positive stats and updates on your company's experience throughout the function. Beyond short posts, blogging about the seminar can also prove a powerful tool. You'll be able to share a first-person perspective about the convention and entice those who missed your trade show stand this time to make sure they attend the next function your company exhibits at.

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