Friday, March 22, 2013

Types Of Tumblr Themes

Tumblr has a very broad collection of themes that you can use for the beautification of your website. Themes are made important as it will give the total radiance and glamour to the simplicity of each website pages. That's why aside from connecting people as a social networking site, Tumblr is also into helping bloggers and aiming website owners as a platform for theme generation. But not all themes are the same as Tumblr makes it sure that their users will have a wide array of choices that they can use according to their preference and the concept of the website itself.

One Column Theme - Tumblr one column themes or single column Tumblr themes are specially made for websites that has no too much detail on their website contents. This works best especially to photo blogs which is becoming popular nowadays. This is appropriate for the use of photo posts as this type of theme have no too many divisions. With that, the coherence of the photo posts will be fluent and the flow of the story in each photo posted will be smooth flowing and will not be a distraction in the eyes of the readers or the viewers.

Since this type of themes have not too many divisions, this is really perfect for any photo blog. This will surely help your readers on focusing on the pictures you post since there won't be much distraction on anything else but your posts.

Two Column Tumblr Themes - If you are managing a blog that posts lots of articles, this might just be the one theme you would need for your tumblog. This is a great theme to apply on your site if you are hoping to monetize the site. All you need to do is to write interesting, quality articles to get them noticed by advertisers. Once the ads come in, you can place them on the second column to have your other column only for your written posts. This is one good way to make money online and you can do it better with a better site layout and theme. This may be one point to consider when getting two column tumblr themes.

If you think that single column themes are too simple and two column themes don't really have enough columns for your site, you might want to consider going for multiple column themes. These are themes that would be great for sites that are designed to post a lot of details on their pages. One example would be a business site or a directory site. This is also one great type of theme that you can use to get your site more organized. You can separate posts by type - music, video, photo, and article. This way you can get your readers to navigate your site easily and have all the posts they want to checkout organized. Although this theme may not be used often compared to the two other types of tumblr themes, it is actually one great theme type that will surely get your site looking better.