Sunday, April 7, 2013

Do You Own A Fiction Stories Website? Do Not Disregard These Tricks

You don't need to choose someone to manage a popular stories site. You simply need these tips to operating a successful stories website. Follow these suggestions and you too can operate a successful stories website.

You should be telling everybody about your stories site including your co-workers. This is another group that may be interested in visiting your stories website in your products. This is an especially good strategy if the content of your stories websites' related somehow to your work.

When designing your site, keep in mind that it is vital to make your page streamlined in design and in versatility between different technological devices; what works well on a PC must also work well on someone's mobile phone. Tablets and smart phones are making an increasing presence in driving web traffic, so to forego a mobile version of your site is to alienate a broad spectrum of potential customers.

If you want your stories site to be successful it is very important that customers can get a hold of you. A stories website without contact information is useless. Contact information should be displayed strategically and in a way that is easy for your clients to find. Contacting you should be easy for customers. Most good stories websites provide their contact information above the fold on every web page.

Be sure to feature a "FAQ" page. Your Frequently Asked Question page should be easy to find on your home page. People want the answers to their questions, but if you find yourself answering the same few queries over and over again, you'll save time and effort by ensuring your FAQ page has what visitors need.

You should consider operating other small niche stories sites to support your one main stories website. These smaller niche sites can send extra traffic to your main site and will help you cast a wider net to catch visitors from the search rankings. Remember more visitors means more profit.

You need feedback for your site and a good way to get that is by offering free samples of things in exchange for feedback. You can use all kids of different promotional products.

Inspiration can strike it any time and you never know when that time will be so you should always be ready. Make sure that if an idea hits you for your stories site you're ready to take notes on that idea. Come back to your idea to consider it later more carefully after you've written down as much of your idea as possible.

A surprisingly simple method of getting your site out there along with some notion of credibility is to declare yourself an expert in the niche area of your site. Peruse the boards at Yahoo Answers, and put your knowledge out there, along with a link to your page suggesting it for further information. Make sure your responses to users' questions are relevant to their posts, and to your site; don't simply fill all the boards with mindless self-promotion with a million links to your page.