Friday, May 10, 2013

Fan & Wrestler Interaction: Can Social Media Networking Prove Beneficial?

I've always lived under the mindset that just because you adore something doesn't mean that you're not allowed to criticize it. The same can be said for professional wrestling, which definitely has its fair share of decisions that make me scratch my head in wonder. It seems like the obvious choices live up to their titles and yet World Wrestling Entertainment doesn't understand how exactly they work. In order for better interaction to be seen, I would recommend social media networking in order to keep communication at high levels.

World Wrestling Entertainment has a little over eighty wrestlers working under the main roster, which means that not everyone is going to have a chance to wrestle on television. Considering just how much untapped potential there is, one has to wonder why the company would let it go to waste. If I was in charge of the company, I would make it a point to play up to the strengths of online marketing and what have you in order to help them. What kind of measures would be taken, though?

While WWE's social media efforts have been rather sketchy, I will give them credit in keeping their YouTube page updated with content. If the videos aren't recaps of recent tapings or vintage matches of the past, then they are comedic skits which feature the stars in various roles. The people who aren't on TV may still have a chance of doing something entertaining in order to reach an audience. It gives them a chance to have fun as well, which is always a plus in my eyes.

In order to bring social media networking to an even higher level, though, why not hold live chat sessions with stars who aren't utilized during shows? For example, let's say that RAW doesn't feature the Intercontinental Champion, Wade Barrett. Instead of wondering where he is at that point in time, host an online event where people can speak to him, ask questions, or anything that he would be able to respond to. Communication is important in business, as reputable firms on the matter like fishbat can tell anyone.

I don't know if these changes will be able to help the product overall but they are steps in order to do so. In my opinion, there are very few companies in the world that need it more than WWE. The talent is present and they have the ability to put on great matches but they are given neither time nor the necessary platform in order to prove themselves. My only hope is that these kinds of alterations, social media networking or not, will bring the product to a higher level.