Thursday, May 30, 2013

Greatest On The Web Auction Critiques

Is Quibids a Scam? Just recently you could have seen a commercial for a penny auction site like Quibids or Beezid advertising flat screen TVs and iPhones for some insane low cost like 95 cents. Normally the pitch is provided by a quite girl who tantalizes viewers with potential cost savings on all kinds of items like iPads, MacBooks, digital cameras, vehicles and more. "Imagine getting a new Apple iPad today for simply $23.74!" But how do these websites work and is Quibids a scam or a legit service? Keep reading to discover out ...

<b>Is Quibids a Scam?

We invested the last week investigating consumer testimonials, both bad and great, then we enrolled in among these penny auctions sites ourselves to discover out how they in fact work. The brief answer to the question "is quibids a scam" is NO, not precisely. If you actually take the time to read the small print and learn about the service, you'll know what you are entering. On the other hand, in our viewpoint many individuals will most likely end up losing cash on penny auction websites, (we did). The "scam" question is a truly challenging one to address because while their commercials represent a world that most likely does not exist, their great print is in fact quite clear. I consume a great deal of beer and I have actually never ever been ambushed by a team of lovely bikini covered females from thin air after opening a can. So does that make Bud Light a scam? The penny auction sites aren't necessarily being dishonest, however they are being "selectively truthful" on what occurs in truth for the ordinary individual (based on our experience and our research). Most people will never ever experience what the industrial depicts (aka you will NOT get an iPad/MacBook/iPhone for 95 % off).

How Penny Auction Sites Work:.

The first thing you require to comprehend is that "penny auction" websites might also be called "penny raffle" sites. The auctions go up by one penny quotes at a time, but each "penny proposal" really costs in between 25 cents and $1. In various other words, let's state each bid on a certain product costs 25 cents. If an iPad is opting for 99 cents and you raise the proposal by "one penny" to $1, you've really just invested 25 cents. You are paying 25 cents to place a quote. In a more conventional auction, it costs nothing to raise the bid. If you raise the bid on a $200,000 vintage Ferrari to $210,000, it does not cost you anything unless you win. Picture an auction where you needed to pay $1000 just raising the proposal on the vintage Ferrari, and if you get outbid, that $1000 is gone forever. That's how websites like quibids work. You spend 25 cents for the ability to raise to the auction from 99 cents to $1, someone else raises it to $1.01 and so on for as long as the auction lasts. And if that's not irritating enough, the majority of penny auction websites extend the auction time every time a brand-new quote is put!

<b>Is Beezid a Scam?

But who cares if you have to bid even 100 times at 25 cents a pop to succeed an iPad that's worth $700??? In that scenario, yes, you would have spent $25 on proposals, plus whatever the last auction quantity rose to, and the combination would be far less than $700. However in truth, at least in our experience, this does not take place, EVER. First off, when you enroll in these sites you are needed to buy a pack of quotes. For instance, you may need to purchase 100 bids for $60. When we registered for among these websites, we had to buy a $60 pack of bids. On our first day we invested roughly $40 bidding on a iPhone however at some point dropped out as the auction became more pricey. We only had $20 worth of "proposals" left so we tried some less costly products like a $20 present card however quite quickly we entirely wiped out our credit. At this point we decided not to re-up.

How can the penny auction sites pay for to sell an iPad for $25? Assume each quote costs $1. It will take 2500 one cent bids to reach the selling cost of $25. So the auction website has actually made $1 \* 2500 + $25 = $2525 for an iPad that probably costs around $700 out the door. We also came throughout a number of testimonials that declared penny auction sites utilize artificial bidders to drive up the auction rate on the much better items. There were various other unfavorable testimonials that held some seriously unfavorable and scary allegations when it came to charge card fraud and various other unethical company practices with some penny websites. So buyer beware!

<b>"Is Quibids a Scam"-- Google Search Results.

One thing that Quibids and all the comparable auctions websites have certainly understood is the art of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is the ability that websites use to rank highly in google for different search queries. Websites like Quibids must have prepared for that great deals of people would see their commercials then search google for "Quibids scam, quibids legit, quibids review" etc. to discover out the scoop. Quibids has actually used SEO methods to make their own legit looking review sites control the first and 2nd result pages of google. Not only do these websites provide Quibids a radiant testimonial, they likewise (brilliantly/unethically) offer the site visitor a free discount coupon code for the website at the exact same time they are applauding the service. I cannot state I blame Quibids, I would do the exact same specific thing.

<b>In Conclusion.

Similar to anything in life, if something sounds too good to be real, it most likely is. In our opinion, Quibids is not a scam however we likewise do not think you will have the experience they depict in their infomercials. But if you're still curious, do some research and try one out for yourself. After all, we are still awaiting that gaggle of bikini clad females to appear from thin air when we open a beer!

PS - Immediately after publishing this write-up, we got a heap of spectacular feedback from individuals who had bad experiences with penny auction sites. We likewise understood that in an ironic twist, when many individuals check out the short article, they will really likely be instantly shown an ad for Quibids right in the middle of the page. This is due to the fact that our ads are powered by Google which does an unbelievable task of matching the content of our website with contextual (pertinent) advertisements. Simply desired to point this out so you do not think we did that on function, it's out of our power however pretty amusing!