Saturday, May 18, 2013

Using Hp Teleform Ocr Software Can Save A Lot Of Money

The dramatic shift in business from the mountains of paperwork in the past to the digital products of the present has been one of the most fundamental changes in business in over a century. It was immediately obvious that word processing allowed changes to be made instantly without the time consuming reproduction of entire pages. However, all the documents already created had to be reproduced by hand until the advent of HP Teleform OCR Software.

With the introduction of the personal computer, handling information became far faster and much more efficient. Software was developed to allow for easy searches for specific information out of mountains of data. But there was still the problem of gathering the information already recorded and printed in order to convert it into a digital format.

While the majority of office workers and businesses looked forward to the anticipated paper free environment, it was not to be. In the working environment, one of the most common and efficient means of getting information from consumers remains the use of a written form. Customers can fill them out a their leisure and in privacy, eliciting better responses.

Programmers were faced with the daunting task not only of reproducing documents, as had already been accomplished with copying machines, but also to accurately produce the form in digital format. The end product requirement was a true copy of the original, and had to be produced at least as quickly and reliably as having people do it.

The solution is the use of optical character recognition which scans a document and converts the characters to digital format. By preformatting the software, the individual fonts can be recognized by comparing scanned images with programmed ones, and non-character markings such as lines can be replicated. Pixel by pixel comparisons also assist in reproducing charts and identifying handwritten characters.

Using these programmed tables of expected font values and comparing scanned document images pixel by pixel allows for accurate replication of whole pages. The output is a digital replica of the original form or other document, including the lines necessary for charts. This however, s not all that is necessary for a good final product, as there are often problems with the original paper form.

Electronic filters in the form of algorithms could anticipate and remove the dots and marks faxes and copies often have, making the digital copy cleaner than the document itself. There was also a need to straighten any documents since putting the original on the copy machine is not always truly vertical. Once all the algorithms and anticipated characters lines and shapes are in place, the program is ready.

Once the algorithms have correct the anomalies, documents can be handled at incredible speeds no human could possibly match. After the information has been converted to digital form, can then be categorized, put into databases and analyzed at the speed of electricity. HP Teleform OCR Software can help a company save hundreds of thousands of dollars in paper handling expenses and increase accuracy as well as efficiency.