Sunday, May 26, 2013

Why A Laser Focused Niche Is So Important, And How To Find Yours

If you would like to have a profitable online business, you're probably aware that it's easier to get started when you focus on a tight niche instead of trying to take the big websites that dominate the online landscape. But what you might not have factored in is that in any niche, there are lots of 'micro-niches' containing highly targeted, super responsive and buyers just waiting to purchase the items they want and need.

There are probably thousands of these of sub-niches you could tap into just waiting for you to discover them. And the easiest way to identify them is through what they call the long-tail. The long-tail is a definition for the multi-word keyword phrases people use to refine what they are looking for, right before they buy any product or service.

If you go after these sub-niches, you will be in a position to get higher prices, bigger consulting fees and fatter profit margins, without having to do a lot more work. And you won't have to compete with the big merchants who are making life very difficult for lots of people online.

So what exactly are sub niches?

If you are wondering what a sub-niche is, you are probably not alone, so let's look at a few examples. Say you have a passion for dogs, and you'd like to go into the dog accessories market. You might target -

* Training for German Shepherd Guard Dogs

* Cozy winter jackets for Poodles

* A breeder's registry for Dalmatians in Washington

* Jewelry and bling for female Labradors

* Dog care and grooming services for residents of Seattle

* Dog washing and walking services for apartment owners

You get the idea. You have the ability to turn virtually any generic category into a tightly focused niche market and completely dominate it. Then if you can establish yourself as a specialist in that niche market, you can easily become the dominant player, with all of the benefits that go with that positioning.

Having specialized knowledge in any area means you can sell all kinds of products related to that niche, and you'll be selling to a very receptive crowd. You could easily make thousands a month very easily doing something you love.

One final point to make a note of is this. If you build a list of people who are passionate about the topic you love, you'll be in a position to sell them all kinds of products and services over and over again for years to come. The key is to be different, specialize in one small niche to start with, and work hard to dominate it. If you do, you really can't fail.