Thursday, May 23, 2013

Why You Shouldn't Use Traffic Exchange Services To Build Your Home Based Business

Despite the number of people who choose to use them, traffic exchange websites are one of the least effective methods to build an online business via the internet. Today we will explain why countless affiliates in numerous home business programs, ranging from Mary Kay to Empower Network, could spend their time far more effectively elsewhere.

Alongside safelists, this is one of the most misleading niche's in the world of online advertising for those looking to become their own boss. []

One of the biggest mistakes you could possibly make when trying to become your own boss is to buy into the hype which greets you each time you find a new way of marketing your business. Naturally, every company is vying for your custom, therefore they will often make huge claims to persuade you to choose them over their rivals.

If you are not sure what one of these websites actually does, here is an explanation:

Each member gets to put their own advert into a rotation. Each time you watch an advert you earn a credit. The more credits you earn, the more times you can put your own ad into the rotation for other members to see.

Undoubtedly you can already see why they don't work, but with a little marketing spin you can really sell one of these to folks who are new to the industry. On the surface, it appears everybody who sees your advert is interested in what you have to offer because they're already an affiliate marketer.

If it looks too good to be true it probably is, of course. That certainly rings true right here.

There are a few reasons why these programs fail to generate any success. Firstly, it is terribly tedious and defeats the object of why most people decide to become their own boss in the first place.

Primarily, every person using the website already has their own internet business because that is the reason they joined the service in the first place. When somebody is looking to join an opportunity they don't sign up to one of these services and scroll through the ads, they do research on search engines, social media and Youtube. They eyes which are looking at your advert have very little interest in it, other than the fact it earns them a credit.

One of the most popular methods to kill the tedious nature of clicking adverts and waiting for timers to expire is to open multiple programs and scroll between them, earning credits on each of them simultaneously. By the time the clock on the first advert has reached zero, you have set the other 4-5 websites counting down too, allowing you to continuously scroll and not actually look at any of the advertisements. The thing is, everybody else is doing this as well so your advert is not being seen by anybody.

While taking out a premium membership would cure the boredom of needing to click on adverts for hours as you earn credits manually, it doesn't solve the second issue. What is the point in having 10,000 credits in your account if nobody is even looking at your advert in the first place? There is none.

While these services first appeared in the dawn of the internet age when programs such as Mary Kay dominated the home business scene, it's rather stupendous that they have survived all the way through to modern-era businesses such as Empower Network and Vittel. Affiliates continue to waste their time using traffic exchange websites to no avail. You can now learn from that and focus on superior methods.