Friday, May 24, 2013

You Can Use Wordpress As An Effective Website

While WordPress was originally designed to be a blogging platform, it has transformed into much more than just that. It is such a robust piece of open source software and developers continue to add to it. You can even use WordPress as a website if you want. To do this, you just have to make some slight tweaks and select the right theme. You'll find that setting up WordPress to use as a site is the fastest and easiest way possible to get a professional website up and running even if you don't have any technical skills.

Installing WordPress is easy when you have a host with Fantastico, BlueHost, or HostGator which will do it for you automatically. After it's installed, you are able to pick out a design that best suits you. There are a lot of free options, or you can pay a small amount to get a professionally fashioned template. Regardless of what kind of company you are in, there is likely an impressive looking theme which is appropriate.

If you plan on using WordPress as a website and therefore not too worried about blogging, you need to make sure to alter the front page display to a static page instead of showing posts. You can do this by going to Settings and after that simply clicking Reading.

Setting up pages in WordPress only takes a few clicks as well. All you have to do is write a title for the page and after that utilize the built-in editor to format it just how you want it to look. You can include videos and photographs on the page, and when you have finished it, you can actually upload it, which should post it live on your internet site. Since you're using WordPress as a website, you will not have to bother about updating your navigation each time you create a brand new page that you would if you were developing a static HTML site.

Those that want to use WordPress as a website will find that it is an excellent content management system. There are so many different plugins and themes available that just about anyone should be able to put up a site that looks and feels exactly as they want. You're not going to find an easier or more affordable way to do that.