Friday, June 21, 2013

Using A Cable Caddy For Your Stereo

Many people just assume that a cable caddy is only used for large amounts of cables or for an industrial use. While this is true and there are a large variety of industrial ones, there are also a lot of them used for residential and regular consumer purposes. The ones that are used this way can be pretty clever in the way they work too.

Think about it, there is always a large amount of wires hanging off the back of your computer desk or worse yet, your entertainment center. There probably is not a television within a 100 miles of anywhere that does not have what seems like a million various wires hanging off the back and going into nearly every device. They are everywhere.

In the past the solution was to usually just drill or cut a hole in the framing and string the cable through. However, people found that over time the wood could cut into the wires and sever them or even cause a fire. So they decided to put little plastic or rubber rings around the drilled out hole to help. Problem was that it did not help that well.

There are sometimes people who might have their television hanging on the wall or on a short cabinet. Sometimes a person may even have a custom homemade cabinet they have their television and gaming system sitting on top of. Setups such as these can sometimes require a little bit more thinking put into where the wires go.

Things like this are just small examples of how these have come a long way over the years. In the past it was a simple L shaped plastic piece that held a wire against a wall with a nail. If you had a lot of them you would have to use electrical tape or twisty ties to hold them together first, then you could use the bracket.

The same applies when people are wiring their home entertainment systems. They would need to keep their cables organized and running along the wall or sometimes up it to a speaker. They needed to go to a television or keep the bundles of them in the back of a computer desk under control. There is no shortage of uses for these wonderful tools.

This is precisely what they are made for. Then, when the wires come back into the back of the television set or the receiver they will need something to hold them and keep them tightly wound as they make their way up the back of the cabinet. Of course you could just hang them there, but no one wants that. Especially after running them so nice along the baseboard.

A cable caddy can end up having a lot of uses. These are now not only for the installer or construction site. They also include the smaller residential sets and pieces. There are a lot of uses for these and they will keep all of the wires you have tightly wound and under control. They can be found at any local store but if that does not work, try online. There are multiple websites that sell a large selection.