Monday, July 22, 2013

Collection Agencies In The Mcmahon Family's Hands

There are fewer things in professional wrestling that irritate me more than characters which come across as annoying. Of course, there are those who are supposed to be, since that is what the characters entail. However, when you have to actually like the personalities showcased on TV, it can be something of a problem; this is where the McMahon family comes into the equation, at least in my mind. The idea of them being in control of collection agencies makes me shudder, to say the least.

You know it's bad when you start to make fans feel sympathy for the cemented authority figure who has been, for so long, a heel. Vickie Guerrero has recently come under fire by all three members of the family - Vince, Stephanie and even Triple H - in order to run the shows in their way. If Vince wants a talent like Daniel Bryan to be cast aside, Triple H will swoop in and say that he'd be great in future matches. These conflicting messages have definitely made her work much harder.

After watching this family interact with others in the ring, I don't think that they're supposed to be the heroes they want the audience to believe. Stephanie McMahon's one segment with the Divas proved this to me because she did virtually nothing to help elevate them. If anything, she hurt their reputations with no visible payoff. Seeing as how Stephanie isn't someone who works on-screen from one show to the next, it seemingly assisted no one and it left me, as a fan, more than bewildered.

Considering this confused perspective of personality, do you actually think that this family could operate collection agencies well? As agencies like Rapid Recovery can tell you, one of the most vital points of any company in this regard is being able to approach every case with a sense of professionalism. From what I have seen, the family does not possess this element in any shape or form. In fact, it's probably one of the more warped views of the professional wrestling babyface that I had ever come across.

I believe that the McMahon family, for all of its faults, has a spot within the wrestling industry. I don't think that there is another group which is as well-known in this particular business, which is something that most other fans can attest to. However, if you were to ask me if they could properly work with collection agencies, I think I'd have to balk on such a claim. It would not surprise me if I tuned in next week and saw each member of the family declare themselves as the holders of every championship.