Friday, July 26, 2013

Discount Tanning Lotion For Their Great Tans

Using discount tanning lotion is one way to get a great looking tan. Spending the right amount of time outdoors not only produces an attractive skin tone but the right amount of time outdoors is actually healthy for the entire body. However, too much time outdoors can have a detrimental effect so make sure to follow common sense advice when seeking the sun rays.

When outdoors make sure to drink adequate amounts of water. Keep a water bottle nearby and do not wait until the thirst impulse takes over before taking a drink. The skin needs adequate hydration when one spends time outdoors with the purpose of getting a tan.

Sunscreen used in combination with suntan products can help prevent sunburn while allowing the skin to tan. Sunscreen helps protect the deep skin layers while the suntan cream allows the upper layers to turn brown. Be patient when seeking that bronze appearance and remember that one's skin is a delicate organ.

It is better to try to bronze over the course of several days rather than trying to get that bronze look in one day. When one allows the body to become accustomed to the sun over a few days there is less chance of sunburn. Avoiding sunburn should be the number one objective.

Before going onto the beach use a body brush in the shower. Exfoliate dead skin using circular motions. This prepares the body for an even tan.

Have reasonable expectations when it comes to developing a skin glow. Those with fair skin need to take precautions when out in the sun and not expect a bronze tone overnight. However, with the right discount tanning lotion and with a little patience even fair skinned people can develop a great looking tan.