Tuesday, July 9, 2013

How To Relieve The Frustration Of Running A Popular Classifieds Website

There is a great deal of competition among free classifieds sites now that the internet is a vital part of the daily existence. Standing out from competition is the difference between having a successful website and a failing site. Take a look at the list we put together and soon you will have a website that runs for decades exactly the way you want it to.

Do not overwhelm visitors by experimenting with various styles, font, buttons and themes for colors. Remain consistent and use a common design. Visitors should not experience sensory overload. The brand being represented should be enhanced by the feel and look. Unique while sleek and simple is always in style.

Social media can be very beneficial in growing your business. Make sure to setup fan pages and profiles on all relevant social media networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. Having a strong web presence, aside from your free classifieds site alone, will grow your company's reputation. However, if you do set these up you need to make sure that you visit them frequently and regularly interact with your fans. Respond to all comments from fans: both positive and negative.

When filling your page with keywords, keep in mind that you will not, as a new site, make Google's front page of search results immediately, no matter how many tags and keywords you throw around. If you are desperate for additional SEO content, try to naturally incorporate phrases that are maybe less specific, but still relevant the subject matter of your page.

Make sure each page has the same theme. You may feel you need to make each page a different color, for instance, but this will only confuse the customer and makes it harder for them to focus on what they came to your site for, the more important part of your free classifieds site.

It can be difficult to keep up with your webpages and determine the ones that are brining you traffic in time. Find frequently visited pages by evaluating the data that you have. Don't make visitors search for these, create links to them instead. It will be more convenient for your visitors and they might even spend more time seeking information from your free classifieds site.

If you want to run an effective free classifieds site, you need to host a great commercial website. When doing so, try to avoid the use of free hosting, because these would have a lot of other ads that would distract your visitors from your site. You should purchase a web-hosting plan, as this would also create a good impression on your visitors.

Don't embed important information and text in images, Flash or any other type of graphics. Search engine crawlers can't read this text! Flash might look impressive, but search engines can't find text in it, and often, it just slows the page down. Make sure your most important information is in textual format - not in an image or Flash. http://schendera.com/buy-pr3-textlinks.html