Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How To Start Blogging - Step By Step Tutorial To Create A Post On Your Wordpress Weblog

I am going to show you the best way to create your 1st blog post on Wordpress. This can be valuable for all bloggers that are just receiving started inside the blogging niche and I'd like to say welcome. This instruction has been created for my team inside Empower Network.

If you are not a part of my group but, just join here. Click the link, enter your e-mail and hit the submit button.

Comply with this step by step tutorial for the initial blog post and subscribe to my Youtube channel to have the subsequent video explaing the way to explode the search engine results for a certain keyword.

Log into your Empower Network backoffice and click on the green button that says login and start off blogging.

You are most probably inside the easy mode on your Wordpresss site and I would not recommend to change it non unless you have some knowledge or time to waste. I'll guide you through this advanced mode in a subsequent tutorial.

Watch this video on how to start blogging: http://www.youtube.com/embed/e1jbeBR2Rhc After you watch it, write your weblog post in a word document and copy-paste it into your Wordpress weblog.

This is a procedure you have to apply every single day. Or I don't want to work with you because you happen to be going to complain that it doesn't work. If you are not willing to reproduce what successful leaders inside the undustry are doing, do not even consider staying right here.

Many people will ask "Juliette, what do I write about?" Whatever you want! Okay, I wrote an article detailing what to blog about. The best thing to do is to create about a topic you happen to be interested in because as you are confident and know what you're speaking about, your readers will see it and connect easier.

Do not spend too much time on your initial blog post. This is not gonna be perfect, you will notice many flaws but that's okay. Mozart sucked at playing piano before he became successful.

I just create here without thinking of every word I am going to say. Remember that the aim of the weblog is to acquire traffic. While good content will attract more people, the aim of the blog is for people to opt in thanks to the banners on top, bottom and right of your weblog.

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