Sunday, July 21, 2013

How To Use Video Networks To Become A Leader In The Home Based Business Industry

In the business world, finding an inexpensive advertising resource is almost like gold dust. However, many budding entrepreneurs are shocked to learn that one of these inexpensive methods is a website they use all the time - Youtube. With countless affiliate marketers already using Youtube to promote business opportunities including Empower Network and Primerica, this is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to build your home business on a budget.

If you can't already see the many benefits to marketing with videos on websites like Youtube, one look at it's traffic will convince you otherwise. It's currently the internet's second largest search engine, behind only Google.

The most successful entrepreneurs are individuals who like thinking outside of the box and using new, innovative methods to build their business. Video marketing is in this category, because most people in the home business industry neglect to use it to it's full potential.

Of the small percentage of affiliate marketers who do already use videos to build their brand, very few are doing it efficiently enough to see any long term results. Here is a checklist of the top ingredients for a successful Youtube channel:

* Establish your niche from the beginning.

* Engage your viewers with your content.

* Learn how to use keywords to dominate your chosen search results.

* Provide useful content.

* Commit to providing fresh content on a regular basis.

By getting these five principles in place and being consistent in your efforts to uphold them, you will be able to build a substantial following within any niche via video marketing services such as Youtube and Dailymotion. Here are the principles with an explanation of each one:

* Set out your goals and stick to them from the outset.

If your channel is split between multiple niches it will be more difficult for you to establish yourself as a true specialist in your chosen area. This means you should stop uploading family videos or sports related content to your channel if it's primary mission is to promote your home based business. []

* Use the power of interaction with your followers.

Unlike times gone by where Youtube would rank videos based on how many people liked them or added them to their favorites, it's now a much more complex affair. Encouraging your viewers to share your content with their social media profiles is one of the best ways to boost your following as well as your video ranking.

* Get your keywords in place.

Taking the time to understand the importance of keywords is vital to success on websites like Youtube. You cannot achieve domination within your niche if you are neglecting to add relevant keywords to your content. Try to keep them down to three per video, this ensures your videos are specific to their topic and can enjoy higher rankings in search results.

* Connect with your audience by helping them to succeed.

The real trick toward becoming a leader within any home business is to realize that other affiliates need help. So few entrepreneurs are willing to help other people without taking money from them. Those who do help others find it far easier to build a fan base and a good reputation.

* Be consistent with your uploads.

The final point is where most people fall down. While it's great at the beginning, the novelty can wear off quite quickly. Particularly if your early uploads are not attracting a significant number of viewers yet. While some channels are able to build an overnight following because they have an interesting thumbnail or video title, the proper way to build an established Youtube page is to upload consistent new content. This allows Youtube to consider you as a leader within your niche and begin to rank all of your uploads higher due to the added weight being placed behind your new authority status.

If you can make the most of the five principles given in today's article you will find it indefinitely easier to succeed with your affiliate program. Most affiliates in Empower Network and other sales driven opportunities struggle to break free from the crowd of other members who are also trying to build an income, video marketing is the perfect way to do this.