Sunday, July 14, 2013

Wordpress Plug-Ins Which Will Make Life Simpler

While WordPress is easy, no doubt you like things which make life even simpler. There is plug-in you can add to your WordPress blog to create your blog work simpler even if they don't make your life easier. For that you may need to hire a virtual assistant or make use of these plug-in to add more time with your day with less blog work.

After the Deadline

You could possibly wish you could have an editor study your blog posts. With this handy plug-in you can have the next best thing. Your regular dictionary with spell checker may not catch when you use two as opposed to, but this will. This WordPress plug-in will also check your posts for grammatical errors and more. You have your own private editor without the expense.

Broken Link Checker

Unfortunately links break. Changing your a permalink, sites change names, sites go away, and other such things can break links on the WordPress website. This web site plug-in will find all those links and give you a report. You can edit the links or take away the links directly from the report maintaining your WordPress blog clean.

Clean Options

Any time you add plug-in and themes you are adding lines on your wp_option file. Whenever you remove these plug-in and themes those extra lines of code may well not go away. Clean options clean that option file and strengthen your WordPress website run better.


Rather then show long posts on your main page this tends to show the first paragraph. Customers can see several of your posts and choose ones they might be read by clicking a lot more links Evermore adds.

Robots Meta

Meta Robots tags enable you to control which pages Google follow. It also controls which links various search engines follow. Previously people had to hack into WordPress or on the http access files. With this you can regulate it all from your WordPress dashboard.

SEO Smart Links

Writing those posts you may have references back to older posts. Due to this WordPress blog plug-in you can build certain keywords to link back to old posts or another websites. If you have multiple references to an important post this will help much.

Theme Tester

Your old theme is not really fitting your needs. You're thinking that you may have found some replacements, but really do not want your potential customers seeing you modify theme to theme and test it. That's where this WordPress blog plug-in is useful. Test themes while your visitors do not see changes and soon you are ready.