Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Facebook Online Promoting: 12 Steps To Success

1. Offer audio/video of your business/trade: Facebook Online marketing How do you measure intangible assets? Can you measure your corporation's popularity or goodwill? No. So, how do you convince your customers about your popularity? One of the ways is through testimonials. But, it doesn't always work. A potential client might suggest, "Why should I believe in the customer reviews?" A valid argument, indeed! Under these conditions, it is easier to convince your client by taking him/her on a tour of your corporation. If your client is in a different country, wouldn't it be much easier and simpler to tour your business on Facebook? Yes, that is why you should upload video footage and photos of your corporation. If you are a manufacturing business, you can upload movies of the making unit and the implemented safety measures. If you are in hotel industry, shoot a video of the cooking process to prove your cleanliness standards and if you are a software business, post video footage of employees running at their desks in a cosy atmosphere that helps raise productivity. These video footage and photos will speak a lot more than words or any other proof.

2. Establish your name: Facebook Online promoting brand is the way consumers perceive your company. To a parent, the brand name 'fisher price' is related to quality and safety; similarly, for a sports person, Nike relates to comfort and efficiency. So, what exactly do you want your clients to associate your brand with? If you are a real-tor, you might want your brand name to be linked with trustworthiness or if you are an orthodontist, you might want to associate your brand name with 'smile'. What ever the case, you have to use a consistent design. A product design can include logos, colours, catch phrases, name etc. You can't undo your make features once it is well-known. So, it is vital to think about what you want to communicate through your logos, name, colour etc. McDonald's logo is a traditional example of a simple logo that conveys a strong corporate picture. Your aim must be to create a logo that by itself evokes perception about your product and services in the minds of your customers. However, do not try to copy logos from other companies since they are copyright protected; doing so will land you in lot of trouble.

3. Interact in two way message: Facebook Online promoting For any connection to be fruitful and bear results, it must be two way. As a customer, how many times have you felt that it is futile to complain about the poor consumer service or the low quality of the products? It is not uncommon for people to experience sub-standard service for the money they pay. The most imperative thing after creating your Facebook page is to establish a two way connection with your consumers/fans. Suppose that you have a bed and breakfast industry and have productively discovered your Facebook attendance but neglect connecting with your customers.

Here is what will happen: Your clients might write on your wall appreciating your consumer service and when it goes unnoticed and non-reciprocating, the appreciation and connection declines and eventually stops - a very bad marketing and advertising tactic. When other clients see that you don't respond to advice on your wall, they stop posting criticism and you lose a valuable resource to gauge your standard of service and status.So, take time and effort to answer to your clients' queries, to thank them, to say sorry or just to be in touch.

4.Sell off goods that align with your name image: Facebook Online internet marketing Do you remember the failure of Col-gate's Kitchen Entries that never took off or that of Pond's toothpaste, which failed miserably? These are classic cases of products that are not in line of the product picture. Colgate has always been connected with dental and individual hygiene; for clients to relate ready to eat meals with Colgate was not palatable. Customers always connected Pond's with fragrance and freshness. So, when Pond's released toothpaste, people couldn't relate dental hygiene with fragrance. The lesson learnt from the above cases: Do your homework before you venture into launching new products. You must appreciate your consumers thoroughly to know their likes and dislikes. Once you have discovered product on Facebook, remember that you can't undo the writings on your wall. You will be getting thousands of fans for your page. Therefore, use discretion before launching a new product. For example if you are a flower shop owner, extending flower agreement offer for special occasion falls in line with your product but not selling sweets and confectioneries

5.achieving out to your Influencers: Facebook Online internet marketing If you are a regular user of Facebook, you already understand the importance of involving with Influencers. For those of you who are new to Facebook, Influencers are people who have the most family friends on their list. Before you start linking with influencers, take time to prepare a list of influencers you want to link to. The best place to start is with your own acquaintances list. Start chats with the influencers by introducing yourself and take an extra effort to send unique emails to each of them. If you do a copy paste job and send it to hundreds of influencers, your account will be marked for spam. Do not inquire them to join your fan page immediately. Decide on a date you want to request the influencers to join your fan page. If you have too many influencers on your list, you can have multiple launch dates. P.S.: This is purely a guerilla internet marketing plan; collecting information about influencers is against the Facebook policy. Though, the information is easily available; consequently proceed with caution when you collect the info. Remember not to abuse the system and use these methods carefully with facebook online advertising and marketing.

6.Set-up Communities: Facebook Online marketing and advertising What if you are working for a cause and do not want public access to your pages? Is there a way around in Facebook to set-up internet pages that have access for privileged subscribers only? Of course, yes! These are known as 'Facebook Groups.' Presume that you are engaged in fund raising for fighting 'cancer in kids' or 'feeding the malnourished'in the under-developed countries, you can set-up a Facebook group. You can set-up three different levels of access viz., open, closed and secret. invite your family and family or friends to join your group. There are many techniques you can market yourself to raise funds. One of the ways is to create group with the note, "For every person signing up for the group, $2 dollars go to the Cardiac Care Centre." You can come up with any note of your choice. This is a proven tactic to raise funds and expand your group.

7.internet marketing a donation drive on your group: Facebook Online promoting Are you stressed about raising a certain total of money within a short notice? Here is what you can do: Post a note on your Facebook group for a 'Matching donation drive.' In a matching donation drive, if you raise 'X' sum of money within say, 36 hours, one of the donors will match the rate raised. For this plan to work, you must have a giver who is willing to match the raised rate. Another way is to tie the donation rate to a date. For example, if you are raising money for your friend to undergo a heart surgery and her bday falls on the 25th, you can host a birthday fund-raiser event. Post a note asking subscribers to donate any sum ending with 5;you must follow up your message with reminder emails.

8.Share/Create outstanding content with your group: Facebook Online marketing Now that you have a Facebook group, how do you get involved its users? If you want your group users to visit the group regularly and participate in its activities, you must create and share content that will retain their interest in group activities. Think that you are talking with the same people on different social networking sites like twitter, Linkedin etc and have returned from a holiday. Post your pictures and movies exclusively on Facebook. When your subscribers don't find your photos on other sites, they will return to the group to view and participate in group activities. Sharing is one of the methods to maintain exclusivity and retain group users. Another way is to create video lessons and post it on Facebook. If you are an artist and your paintings have won awards, post it first on Facebook before posting it elsewhere. This is a great way to keep your group involved.