Saturday, August 31, 2013

Finding Cloud Computing Providers Chicago

Increasingly more companies are using cloud computing providers Chicago. This means that people can access data from a number of different devices. It also means that a company with central offices and people working from home can find it easier to coordinate.

The first thing to realise when choosing a provider is that this is about more than tech support. While this is an important aspect the people providing this service in effect become a partner. Therefore trust is a vital factor when considering who is going to be providing this particular service.

The downside of this is the potential for abuse. People are often afraid that this increased access could lead to more people using devices to steal information and leave companies more vulnerable to data theft and industrial espionage. This is one aspect that a provider needs to be able to address.

Security does not only mean complying with your requests although this is obviously very important. The company also needs to show that they comply with any regulations. They need to be able to prove this and provide any relevant certification on request. As well as offering you reassurance this can also offer reassurance to anyone working with your company that your cloud is properly protected.

The best providers will not meet with you in order to sell themselves. They ought to look at your company and decide what products and services are best suited to it. The smart ones will have done this before they come to you and be able to specifically discuss your business and goals. Furthermore it should not be that they offer one service and that is that. They should always look at development and innovation but also how that development and innovation can help your needs rather than trying to sell you expensive upgrades in order to hit sales targets.

These are all aspects of the package they should provide. Ideally this ought to cover software, hardware and tech support. While in theory you could look for the cheapest price for each individual aspect of the process the danger is that if you get one problem with one aspect it can be harder to deal with another that falls outside their individual remit. Equally the approach should not be one size fits all and the business needs to demonstrate that they understand your requirements.

Equally they ought to be willing to develop new products and services and not simply attempt to sell a one size fits all package. A good provider will discuss what they can do. More specifically it should be about looking at your business and whether or not those new products and services are appropriate. Crucially the provider needs to give references. They have to be able to demonstrate that what they offer works. If they cannot give specific instances where their products benefited a business or they are hesitant to provide a reference then you should consider using another company.

Ideally you need to contact at least three cloud computing providers Chicago. This means you have examples to compare with others. Ideally they ought to have references to make it easier to gauge the effectiveness of what they have to offer. Look online to see what companies are offering in your local area as well as looking for feedback and reviews from previous clients in order to make an informed choice that will be the best long term option for your business.