Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Secret Things To Do Online And Save

No, the Internet is not just for porn. Here are a few handy things you may not have known you can do on the internet.

<strong>Electronic way to get a ring size</strong>

Get a ring and driver's license and go to to figure out what your ring size is. It is really simple to discern your size with the site and other sites similar to it. You can even use a virtual ruler if you do not have a ring as a comparison.

<strong>Getting some glasses</strong>

Online eye ware retailer Warby Parker made it a lot simpler for consumers to figure out their pupillary distance using a webcam, card and slip of paper. It is a useful tool for consumers attempting to figure out the distance between their eyes. A prescription is easy to get, but much of the time, pupillary distance is not listed, making it hard to buy glasses on the internet.

<strong>A plane seat for you</strong>

If finding a picture of your exact seat on an airline flight is essential to you, websites like SeatGuru provide the seat maps. Pick the exact seat you want and buy it if it's accessible. If there's an issue with a particular seat, SeatGuru's user community can flag it on the website, benefiting their fellow travelers.

<strong>Things you didn't know you could do on the internet No. 4 - Make 3-D crafts</strong>

If you would like to do a 3-D craft, head to Shapeways, i.Materialise and other sites. They will help you print off your design to be able to produce it.

<strong>Things you didn't know you can do online No. 5 - Finding a one-time assistant</strong>

You can get somebody else to do small jobs for you such as pet-sitting and gift-shopping while you are too busy with TaskRabbit. A personal assistant is already pre-screened for the job and can help you out.

<strong>Things you didn't know you can do online No. 6 - Make a police sketch</strong>

If things go south with your one-time assistant, sites like Ultimate Flash Face make it simple for you to quickly create a police-style sketch of the assailant. This is not to suggest that TaskRabbit doesn't shield its consumers - it goes the additional mile. Please do not sue us.

<strong>Take a class for free at MIT</strong>

The MIT Department of Physics uses Open Courseware to provide people with video lectures, notes, tasks and more to allow people to get a free education. You can learn about all sorts of sciences.

<strong>Get a record for Congress</strong>

Web sites such as OpenCongress are accessible just to help citizens determine who they want to vote for. You can look at each individual congressperson's record to see what they have voted for in the past. You can just put in your zip code and look if you have to.