Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Unlocking the iPhone Saves Money

Most (small) business owners have contracts with their cellphone providers. The more subscriptions you buy from them, the cheaper the bundle becomes. Most cellphone providers offer great conditions, like a new model Blackberry or iPhone every year. As long as you stay with that specific carrier.

Phone calls usually are not expensive, but as soon as your employees or yourself travel, the roaming fees kick in, and these can be quite hefty! Especially in these economic times, most business owners are looking to save money and are not keen on spending rediculously high amounts on expensive roaming

A good solution that can save quite a lot of money is unlocking your cellphone: After unlocking you will be able to use the much cheaper local simcards in your mobile device, thus saving a lot of money on high roaming fees. If you are looking unlock, please visit

They are experts in cellphone unlocking and can save your company quite a lot on expensive
roaming fees. Highly recommended.