Friday, August 23, 2013

Verifying Information With Specialized Address Book Software

Address verification through the use of special address book software is a tool any business that deals with bulk mailings and other important items needs. The special software compares the address the company has on file with what the postal service says the right one really is. This can quickly find mistakes in things like street names, spellings of cities, wrong states and even wrong digits in zip codes.

Sometimes the information on file is just outdated, often as a result of changes that have been made by the postal service. Address components, such as zip codes, can be changed to accommodate growing populations in areas where only one zip code isn't sufficient any more for efficient mail processing. The postal service will sometimes add additional zip codes to an area to reduce the work involved in processing mail for delivery there.

Incorrect addresses can also get entered into a system because of poor handwriting. Mailing lists are sometimes created by pulling names and addresses from registration forms or information cards that have been filled out by hand. Some people's handwriting can be difficult to read. If the person that entered this information into the computer had difficulty reading some of it, errors in entry could have occurred because they misread the information given by the person.

Some companies actually use a program that can scan these forms, extract the information and store it. This is a sophisticated type of program, but mistakes still happen. In many situations the program will have to guess in order to compile a correctly formatted address, but that doesn't mean it is correct. The actually ore frequently then one would think when this type of program is involved in the process.

Simple human error can also result in many incorrectly entered addresses. A few wrong keystrokes or guessing about a spelling can generate a wrong entry that is not a real address. This often leads to mail being returned to a company or being misdelivered somewhere else. When this happens, the postage used on those mailings was wasted as it never reached the intended recipient.

Basically, there are a number of different ways for a wrong address to find its way into a system. By using software to verify this information through the postal service, the problem can be almost completely eliminated. The number of returned or wrongfully delivered mailings with verification is greatly reduced in comparison to the number when verification is not involved.

The increase in getting mailings to their correct destinations will translate to higher returns for the business as well. As more people in the right market are targeted, more sales are generated. Instead of wasting money on postage for mailings that will never reach their intended target, these mailings are actually making it to the correct places.

Verify information with specialized address book software can become an important, and almost vital, tool for any business. The number of mistakes being made and the amount of postage being wasted will both decrease while the number of targeted consumers being reached will increase. As a result, sales will also increase and turn the mailing list into an invaluable tool for marketing, capable of greatly increasing profits.