Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Ways to Increase Traffic your Web

There are some simple and effective strategies to get quality traffic to your site, and most of them are free or low cost.

1. Good old fashioned value for search engines. This is perhaps the most cost effective to get many customers on your site because it costs nothing. A website with the top ranking, even over a period slightly popular, can get thousands of visitors per month. Visit any database of SEO forum or article and you can find hundreds of tips effective search engine optimization and tweaks to apply to your website for free.

2. Pay-Per-Click Campaigns (PPC). Almost all major search engines offer some sort of marketing Pay-Per-Click. It is a great way to get targeted traffic to your site, and with some offers as low as $ 0.01 per click, it can also be very economical. Although Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing (formerly Overture) are the main players in the PPC market, there are some really good deals to be found with some of the smaller search engines, such as and GoClick. com.

3. Traffic exchanges. Traffic exchanges offer a website owner an instant, free way to get traffic to their site. Traffic exchanges are all sorts of themes and forms, but the underlying principle remains the same: I see your site, you view my site. The ratio of the sites you post on your site views can be different, depending on the individual awards, but it is recommended to find one with a ratio of 2:1 or better. Traffic exchanges also offer a multi-level referral program that gives you a percentage of traffic earned by affiliates bring you into the program. Traffic, and all offer a web site owner a great way to increase traffic, or you can simply search for "traffic exchange" into a search engine to find a exchange for you.

4. Link exchanges. Link exchanges are a great way to increase web traffic, and the benefits are twofold. Not only do you get traffic to the binding site, you also get the added benefit of better search engine placement with each link pointing to your site. Reciprocal linking has always been a major component of the optimization of efficient search engine, weighing more day of being placed on quality and quantity of links pointing to your site. Make sure your anchor text is the keyword (s) you are targeting, but at the same time, periodic sentence in your anchor text differently so that all links pointing to your site does not say the same thing. This makes your links appear more "natural". and are some good, free services to help you in your campaign link exchange, or you can also visit a forum or SEO / article database for more tips ezine .

5. Banner Exchanges. Banner exchange working on the same principle that exchanges links, and according to the banner you decide to promote, can be very effective in developing targeted web traffic to your website. As for exchanging links, comparing ratios of 2:1 or better, with banner exchanges provide a 1:1 ratio. The banner you decide to use is very important, as many users are unaware of most banners they see. Your banner must be catchy and should force the user to take action and click right away, but at the same time you do not want it to be too flashy as turning off potential customers. Most banner exchange programs also have an option to purchase banner impressions at extremely low prices, usually a few dollars to thousands of impressions. This is a great way to put your company in front of many customers, and helps increase your "reputation". and some free banner exchanges that can provide immediate advertising your site and traffic.

6. Write articles. Writing articles is a great, free way to promote your online business, and may involve a significant number of targeted customers to your site, usually within a few days. The key is to submit your article to as many databases as possible and directories. Hundreds of thousands of webmasters and other Internet users around the world in search of databases and directories article a day, usually in search of quality content for their own websites. Every webmaster who reprints your article should include your resource box, which should include a link to your website. Not only that gives visibility to your great company, it also improves the ranking of your search engine with a free one-way link that your article provides.   and databases are very popular item with free submission and fast approvals.

7. Campaigns paid to read (PTR). Paid to read campaigns are an extremely low cost method of getting real, guaranteed visitors to your site quickly. With PTR campaigns, people are paid to view your site for a certain period of time. Because most campaigns are not targeted PTR, this is not the most effective means of advertising. However, it is a great way to build an opt-in list or ezine subscribers at low cost. Usually, only a few dollars, you can send an announcement to all members of a program. It is always a good idea to find PTR programs that are well established, with many members in its database. Most programs have the number of subscribers and other stats shown on the homepage of their website. and are well established, thousands of members, and the price of advertising down.

8. E-mail campaigns and Safelists. e-mail campaigns and Safelists provide yet another great option to increase web traffic. These campaigns can work across the spectrum of price, free, to hundreds of dollars per email blast. Although spam concerns seem to have some advertisers reluctant to use e-mail, if you use a proper third party or safelist, you can get targeted traffic to your site within hours. and few safelists with many opt-in subscribers.

9. Create your own Opt-In List. It is a great way to get your own group of ready-to-buy prospects to your site. Get content on your list is as easy as search ezine or article database, and an easy way to get people to join is to simply offer something. Another way to build a list is through viral marketing. Sites such as can help you build a big list quickly with appropriate disclosure.

10. Buying web traffic. There is no more a "hands free" way to get traffic to your site, than just buy it. The price of quality, targeted web traffic can vary widely from site to site. It is advisable to compare web traffic campaigns that offer targeting to your specific audience, and statistics in real time. This way, you can better manage and monitor your advertising budget.
As you can see, with a little effort, and not much money, you can make quality web site traffic to your site immediately. Although not every technique is appropriate for each site, choose a few that suit you and watch your traffic rise

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Increase Business Profits Quickly

Alot of business owners who accomplish a business appetite as abounding audience as possible, both those who accept aloof started their business and those who accept endemic one for a continued time. The cold of accretion business profits isn’t alone met by alluring added clients. Here are a few simple, yet able business apprenticeship account that will admonition you alleviate the hidden profits in business and additionally some affidavit why things aren't operating at abounding abeyant as they should:

- Focus added time on the important affairs - you may not accept abundant time accessible to addition your business, abnormally if you are the one who is confined audience on a approved basis. Active a business takes a lot of work, so let the advisers handle the circadian issues, while you booty affliction of the important ones such as developing strategies for present and approaching growth. Set abreast an hour anniversary anniversary to begin ideas, apparatus strategies and breeding key business relationships.

- Carry out aggressive intelligence on added businesses, abnormally the ones that are acknowledged and challenge them. Booty the best genitalia of your competitor’s business and administer them to your own. If you are active a restaurant, for example, you should audit the services, the offers and the prices of the competition. By accomplishing a little analysis on added businesses, you will be able to reorganize, advance your services, acclimatize the prices depending on the competition, as able-bodied as acquaint fresh offers to your clients.

- Spend beneath of your gross accumulation on aerial and abortive marketing. Lease bare amplitude in your appointment or warehouse. Track sales as a aftereffect of expense. Employ salespeople on a college agency calibration rather than a aerial abject salary.
Test and admeasurement for able business campaigns afore auctioning a ton of money on any business attack that is bedevilled to abort from the start.

- Instead of aggressive on price, advance an ultimate cardinal advantage. Emphasize the qualities that accomplish your business angle out and actualize a accomplished fresh accession in the industry.

- Talk with audience and accretion out if they are captivated or not. Dissatisfied barter will not return, while a captivated applicant will accredit others.

 - Breeding absolute clients. Instead of absorption on accepting fresh customers, apply on adorning and advancement the audience that you already have! It is actual important to authorize and advance acceptable relations with your clients, as they are the ones who accumulate your business running.Many business apprenticeship companies animate affairs added to absolute audience because it improves a business basal band by accretion the lifetime amount of a client. It additionally brings fresh clients, admiring by absolute adventures from your captivated clients. Referrals lower your accretion amount through articulate business and this additionally adds to business profits.

- Up advertise added products/services. Affairs account is accepted to be a abundant adjustment of accretion profits. For example, grocery food strategically abode abounding magazines and candy abreast the checkout. People browse and shop for these while cat-and-mouse in band adopting the boilerplate dollar auction with these extras.

- Increase your announcement - announcement is big-ticket but if things assignment well, the money will absolutely acknowledgment to you.

- Seek out business apprenticeship advice. Having a absolute set of business strategies can admonition you further, by accouterment you with fresh able methods of accretion the profits of your business. To accomplish a business finer long-term, best businesses will accept to arrange several strategies in adjustment to alter their sources of leads and aerate their advantage through acute marketing, aggregation building, and business action management.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

To Increase Traffic Website

This article gives advice and information on how to increase traffic to your website. there is obviously no point in having a superb looking, content rich site if only a few people can see it.

 One of the best ways of gaining extra traffic is to build up the number of backward links you have pointing to your website. The best type of link is a one-way link, where a website adds a link to your site but does not get one back from you. there's  a few ways of obtaining these type of links including:Writing articles.

Other site owners may add the article to their blog or website and this creates you a one-way link. The people reading the article are also potential visitors to your site.Purchasing a text-link commercial on a quality site. If the site in query has a high page rank value, this is then passed onto your site.

The commercial itself  like any commercial can also attract people to your site.Joining in debates in various forums. I enjoy reading and contributing to forums. Submitting your site to directories.Making comments on other peoples blogs.
Where possible the net site which includes a link to your site needs to be in the same industry as your own website.

These backward links have a much higher value in the eyes of the search engines.I must admit that it is very hard to get these type of links  on a one-way basis.I think it is a nice suggestion to build a network of sites on the same theme as the main website.
Each of the sites in the network has a link pointing to the main site and after promoting each of the sites, you will then have  a few themed and powerful one-way backward links which will make the original site like an authority in its own field.If you are struggling to find content you could use other peoples articles to help you.

To help fund the cost of the network you could add google adsense onto all of the new sites. In the future this network could be worth thousands of pounds in the event you have spent  time promoting each site.
At this stage you have the choice of selling the network and relaxing or enjoying the benefits yourself that it will no doubt bring.I think the writing of quality articles for re-print and the building of themed network sites is the future of the net for individuals who need to be successful site owners. nice luck.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Make More Money Online With A Blog

Did you ever consider to start your own blog to make more money on the internet? If not, you really should, because by tapping into the blogging scene you can easily increase the profitability
of your website.
Just right now is a great deal of hype and talk about blogs, but when one strips them down and looks at them clearly, they discover that a blog is nothing more than a web site.  In essence, a blog is a website featuring an easy to use content management system that allows for quick updating in chronological order.  The roots of blogging trace back to online journaling and community-building efforts, but approached from a business perspective, blogs are uniquely positioned to make you money.  Their structure, treatment from search engines, and ease of use make them a wonderful moneymaking tool.
The structure of blogs is perfect for revenue-producing efforts.  This is because the sites are, invariably, heavy on content and are naturally organized in an intuitive fashion.  Regardless of what platform one uses for blogging, they will be able to produce a content-based site featuring a series of potentially well-targeted pages.

Search engines love content.  Textual content keeps search engine spiders well-fed and persuades them to visit again and again.  Google, Yahoo and MSN reward informative sites chock-full of information with better positioning in search results and index these sites quickly.  Because blogs are content-driven, they serve as a model for how to build a “cooperative relationship” with a search engine.  In the end, effective blog use produces high search engine rankings and, thus, great traffic levels.  Traffic, of course, is a key to profitability.  It is hard for a site to profit if no one sees it!  The traffic advantages vis-à-vis search engines is one of the chief selling points of blog use.

If you are familiar with running a traditional website, you have undoubtedly learned two things.  First, success will hinge, in large measure, on your ability to provide fresh content to your visitors.  Second, adding new content to a static site can be a definite hassle. 

One must write the content (or pay to have it written), convert it to HTML, insert it into the static page and then upload the page to the server again.  The inefficiency of doing this makes it all too tempting to “overlook” making updates as frequently as one should.

Blogging solves this problem.  All major blog platforms allow users to create new “posts” (which are nothing more than blocks of content) via an easy interface and to add them to the blog with a few simple mouse clicks.  The result is empowering.  Instead of dreading content updates, webmasters can actually look forward to adding new material in moments.  Whether a blog user writes their own content or outsources the job to a pro, adding the new text is a simple and convenient proposition.  This makes it easy to build the content-rich sites that soar to the top of the search engine rankings.  It also creates a heightened level of stickiness for the blog, making return visitors far more likely.  That traffic, when coupled with the right moneymaking strategy produces impressive results.

If you are relying exclusively on traditional static websites for your online ventures, you may want to reconsider your perspective.   Using a blog affords some unique advantages and can be a great way to create profitable, highly-visited sites that require minimal effort.
So why not start blogging today?

Blogging For Business

It goes without saying that maintaining a blog is a good idea for the health of your business. Have you ever asked yourself Why? Being familiar with how blogs work and how to effectively utilize them for the health and wealth of your business will pay you back substantially for your efforts. Ineffective Blogging will simply waste your time, efforts, and this tremendous  marketing tool.

Why does your business need a Blog? Credibility would be a good answer. Posting about news in your industry, links you'd recommend to topics related to your industry or post valuable information from the inside  or your personal experiences, your readers will see you not only as a valuable information source but as a community minded business.
Building traffic and  list building are two more reasons why your business needs a blog. These tools are Solid, Effective, and Proven Tools for marketing your Goods and Services Online.
Blogs are great for your customers.They're not seen the same as your basic website or sales page. Postings are usually informal. At times entertaining yet informative. Their accuracy and effectiveness will peak the interest of your readers, establish you as an Expert, and build trust between you and your readers.
Having the ability to offer subscriptions to your blog through sources loike, your readers can simply opt to recieve notices of your most recent postings, delivered directly to their inboxes. Provided your postings remain relevant to your readers wants and needs, they'll continually come to you first.
If you set up your blog to accept comments, this will give your readers the ability to post feedback on your posts. This will give you valuable insight and ideas regarding your next product or project.

How to build traffic with your blog. Your blog provider may provide potential readers the option of a search box. This tool gives the reader the ability to search for a particular blog using a word or phrase. By using those particular words or phrases in your title you'll boost your chances for acquiring some targeted traffic.
Don't forget to submit your blog to the search engines. Also remember, this is "The Information Super Highway". Blogging is information and the Search Engines Love them. After every post, Simply 'ping' your blog, (this announces
your update. I use  and the search engines will pick it up. 
So jump on the blogging bandwagon take advantage of one of the cheapest and smartest marketing tools available. It's easy and profitable - so build yours today!

Many Tips for Bloggers

Write the Best Possible Content even if it is not every day
Writing often is advice that most bloggers come across on other sites. The reason why it is popular advice is due to the fact that it is based on the assumption that posting often demonstrates that you are committed to what you do. This results in visitors and readers coming back to your blog to see and read about what you’re up to. Posting too often may sometimes have the opposite effect.
Visiting a blog for the second time, readers might be looking for the same post to re-read or something similar. Forcing your readers to go through a bunch of new posts, 1, 2 sometimes 3 a day might be a deterring factor. In these cases I will just use a search engine to find what I am looking for. Furthermore, the 2nd and 3rd posts of the day are usually of lesser quality due to writers fatigue and therefore less interesting. Instead of posting several times a day just post once a day or just whenever you think you have something interesting or useful to write about. Put some though in your posts, give your readers a reason to come back and always avoid bombarding them with clutter. Focus your effort on a few good topics.
Optimize your Blog for Search Engines 

Most bloggers out there start blogging the wrong way. After they start blogging they do so by relying primarily on social networks for traffic.  Social network traffic is great but it rarely converts into money. The best traffic to make money is search engine traffic. A blogging tip everyone should get a chance to read and re-read is that search engine traffic will be the most profitable kind. Although Social networking is an easy way to generate traffic you should always spend some time to make sure your blog and posts are properly optimized to rank well in search engine result pages. Take a few hours a week and perform a few scheduled and simple search engine optimization tasks.
Blogging SEO
In your blog
Make sure your titles are relevant to your topic, make sure you refer to your topic keywords throughout your posts, and make sure you tag your posts properly. Also make sure to interlink your posts with older relevant posts.  Always use keywords you are interested in ranking high for and keep these keywords concentrated around a specific topic.
From other sites
Get as many one way inbound links with anchor text as you can; by many I mean thousands. Think of your site or your blog as a property you acquired in the country side. After you start building you will need to make a road, get it hooked up with power and so one. Backlinks are the essentials your blog or site will need to prosper. Don’t only rely on other bloggers to link to you. Create backlinks to your blog by submitting articles in databases. Write a few 500 word articles on similar topics you write about in your blog, add back links with ancor text and start submitting. Ideally you should submit a few articles to thousands of directories for every post you write. There is software available to help you do this. Do the same thing for every post. You can easily create thousands of one way links your blog and particular posts in less than a few hours.
Social bookmarking also works great for this purpose. Make sure you get your posts bookmarked at as many bookmarking sites as possible.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Marketing And Search Engine Optimization

It has become increasingly difficult to get to the top of the major search engines in recent years as the likes of Google and Yahoo! have changed their criteria for how they rank websites. Many old techniques such as metatags and reciprocal links have lost their effectiveness. However, despite these changes, article submission remains one of the most effective ways to gain incoming links that will boost your website's popularity among the major search engines.

While there are many other aspects to search engine optimization (SEO), article submission can be a cheap and effective way to help you get that coveted spot on the first page of the search engine results for keywords relating to your business.

First let's look at how article marketing works in relation to improving SEO. Basically, every time a link to your website is published on another website your popularity with the search engines increases. These are known as backlinks. In every marketing article you submit to an article directory you can include a resource box with information about you or your product, and a backlink to your website.

So, even just by submitting to article directories you are already increasing the number of backlinks to your website. However, the real value from submitting these articles is that they can be picked up and published anywhere on the web. Every time an article is published you get another backlink to your website. If your articles are published enough times you could see your search engine page ranking rocket. Bear in mind though, that the effectiveness of your campaign will depend on where the articles appear. A backlink from a website that itself has a high search engine page ranking will carry more weight than a backlink from a site with a poor ranking.

Keywords vs quality
Carefully choosing keywords is an essential part of article marketing for a number of reasons. First, you want your articles to be easily found in article directories. If they remain buried under similar articles they will never be published on other websites and your efforts will have been wasted.

Also, you want your articles to get good results on the search engines themselves. If your articles find their way onto the front pages of the search engines you will increase exposure to your website or product, and increase your reputation as an article writer.

However, there is more to successful article marketing than keywords. There has been an ongoing difference of opinion among SEO experts as to whether the quality of articles can be sacrificed for the sake of high keyword density within the text. While it is important to put keywords in the text to help with SEO, quality content is king when it comes to article marketing.

The main aim of article marketing is to get your articles published on as many websites as possible. Quality content is at a premium on the internet so if you can provide good articles that people want to read you will be successful. If you stuff your articles with keywords websites will not publish them and readers will rarely read beyond the first paragraph. So, keep keywords to about two per every 100 words of text and do not let them disrupt the flow and the meaning of the article.

Know your neighbor

The most successful article marketers are the ones who gain a reputation as experts in their chosen field, so try to find your niche and work to your strengths. If you write authoratively and enthusiastically about a subject that you know about you are much more likely to attract readers.

If, for example, you have a website that sells Mac software you could write about new releases and trends in this field. However, you could also boost your profile by becoming involved in the general online Mac community by posting on forums or even creating your own blog. These can provide extra opportunities for creating backlinks and driving traffic to your website, and as you become better known in your field you will find your articles will be more used more often and more widely.

New Web 2.0 social bookmarking websites are also giving article marketers new opportunities for improving SEO and increasing traffic to their website. If you come up with an article you think could be very popular on the web you could publish it on your website and submit it to websites like Digg and Reddit. If it gains popularity on these sites it could go viral and bring thousands of hits to your site.
Article marketing offers excellent opportunities to promote your product while improving the SEO of your website. Even if you do not have the time or the will to write articles yourself, you should look into having a freelance writer doing the job for you.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Turn Your Blog Into Cash

So your home business blog is doing pretty well. Hundreds or thousands of visitors flock to your site each day, dedicated readers who return nightly to absorb your profound wisdom on life, foreign policy and the human condition. They’re receiving your priceless insights into the world, and you’re not making a dime. All that hard work isn’t doing anything for you except maybe making you feel good about enlightening the world, but come on! There’s got to be a way to also benefit financially from all your hard work.
It’s time for you to hear about affiliate marketing.

Simply put, affiliate marketing is a partnership with other websites. You put a link on your site to their site and get paid for each click, registration and sale. If you use affiliate marketing well, you can generate a high Return on Investment (ROI) with respect to the amount of time and effort invested in your home business blog. Used poorly, however, affiliate marketing can just be a waste of space on your site. Here are some tips on how to use affiliate marketing as more than placeholders.
1. Make the links relevant.
Your readers come to your blog for a reason. They come to read about your exploits in the jungles of South America or your forays into the vicious world of international politics. Chances are readers in these areas aren’t going to want to go to a site selling Barney toys. Things they might be interested in are products that will save the jungles of South America or a book about an international diplomat. You don’t have to totally exclude the random Barney toys, because maybe some tree-huggers are into Barney, but make sure that most of your affiliate marketing links are related to your content. Users will be more likely to click them.
2. Imbed affiliate marketing links in your articles.
If you just discovered a great charity for saving the jungles of South America that has an affiliate marketing program, include the link in the body of one of your articles. Links on the side can get lost by resized windows or ignored completely as useless advertisements. Anything within an article, however, will be read and considered, because the author of the article, whose opinion the reader respects, feels that the other site is useful or worthwhile. The reader will be more likely to visit the link, and you’ll be more likely to make money.
3. Change the affiliate marketing links.
This is especially important if you have a returning user base. If your affiliate marketing links never change, people will not go to them because they will be old news. Always be on the lookout for new affiliate marketing opportunities that you can take advantage of. New links will add mystery and intrigue to your site. Users will be more likely to notice changes than to let the links simply fade into the background.
4. Make text of the affiliate marketing links exciting and inviting.
Most people aren’t going to click on a button that says ‘Click here.’ Other than pure curiosity, which admittedly should never be ruled out, there is no incentive for users to follow these directions. “Save the South American Jungle From Certain Slaughter” has a much more enticing ring to it, what with the alliteration and all, and is sure to get your tree hugging audience interested. Along the same lines of interesting and exciting, whenever possible include some kind of picture or banner with the links. A list of blue underlined words on the left hand side of a page is tough to wade through; a banner with a forest fire draws immediate attention, and drawing attention to your links should be the goal of any affiliate marketing plan.
5. Don’t rule out unpaid opportunities.
Some affiliate marketing programs are simply an exchange of links, a ‘you link to me, I’ll link to you’ deal. While these don’t directly make you money, they do increase traffic to your site, and increased traffic means more money. While your marketing plan obviously can’t be using all this kind, they can be useful in boosting traffic, and through traffic, revenue.

Methods To Convert More Customers

If you're a marketer your number one concern is customers.  You've probably read and heard a million and one ideas about how to build relationships, retain customers, create a list of potential customers, and inspire consmer loyalty.  But the tough question is, "How do I convert prospects into customers?" 
There are a lot of people out there who see your ads, think about them, and maybe even say, "I ought to..."  They're just waiting to be convinced to to do something about it.  There is something you can do to get them moving!
1.  Improve Your Offer
No on can pass up the deal that's "too good to resist."  Think about it... how often do your customers want your product, but just want something else a little more?  That leaves you with a long list of "almost sales" that have the potential to be converted into real sales and profit.  Sweeten the deal.  Make the offer so good they can't resist it.
Now, I'm in no way suggesting that you drop your prices to sweeten the deal.  You can just as easily load it up with bonuses to increase the perceived value without cutting away at your profit.  Bonuses motivate sales, maybe even more than cut prices.
Don't let them lollygag.  Yeah, get them into the store pronto with a deadline.  They may have to put a competitors purchase on hold to get your deal, but hey... what's wrong with that?

2.  Follow Up
How would you like to increase your sales by more than 50 percent?  Yeah, it sounds good!  There's really a very simple tactic that you can implement... follow ups.
Chances are, prospective customers aren't going to buy your product the first time they see or hear about it.  Maybe it'll be the third or fourth, but they have to hear from you that third or fourth time before they actually become a customer.  Do you have a follow up system in place?
Simply contact the "almost customer" every month with a new offer, or give them more information about the product they are showing interest in.  It doesn't have to be an intricate process.  Keeping the contact there goes a long way toward building trust... the key to finding life-long customers.
Internet Marketers experience a high number of customers who browse their site, then click away.  You can't follow up without some form of contact information.  A great way to gather the info you need is to offer a free ebook or informative report that consumers will find of interest.  Once they've given you the information to email them the product, you have what you need to keep in contact, and work on converting them into loyal customers.
Personalize as much as possible.  If you can get the first name of your customer... great!  Personalized messages have greater appeal than "addressed to occupant" messages.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

SEO-Improve Your Search Engine Ranking

Search engine ranking is the ranking of a website or web page in the search engine results, for a given keyword phrase
Getting top search engine ranking requires that your site is designed well and is easily spiderable. Designing a search-engine-friendly web site isn't difficult; you just have to keep a few basic concepts in mind.
Search engines like to spider and rank sites that appeal to users. This is the main challenge for search engine developers to create algorithms that will favor user-friendly web sites while casting aside sites that are created mainly for spiders. This means that the rule of search engine friendly design is the same as the rule for web design in general: Make it user-friendly!
There are a few important things you should do in order to improve your search engine ranking:
• Your title tag should have keywords that meaningfully describe your page. Note that this "title" refers to the one in the ‘head’ section of your document, not the one displayed in your browser window.
• The description meta tag may also influence the ranking of your page for specific search terms. This means, presumably, that if someone searches for a particular keyword, and it appears in your description and title tags, Google will accord that page a higher rank.
• Keyword density is important to Google. This probably means that if someone searches for "search engine ranking" and your page has many instances of those three words in sequence, your page is considered more relevant than another page with those three individual words scattered all over the page.
• Words in the keyword meta tag have the same value as the other words on the web page itself, except for one very important case: if your meta keyword tag contains keywords that do not occur in your main web page, your page will be penalized. Your search engine ranking may improve if you use both the title tag and relevant meta tag.
• Avoid keywords stuffing, extremely small text, hidden text, etc. Google considers these to be spammy techniques.
• Stay away from duplicate content: this includes mirrors of your site as well as identical content appearing from different domain names.
Remember, search engine users generally only explore the first 20 sites in the search results. If you site isn't in the top 20, you won't be found, it's as simple as that. You should always include search engine optimization in your marketing budget to make your site as effective as a billboard on a street. So what are you waiting for? Select the best SEO services available, and start the journey towards higher search engine ranking NOW!

SEO Software Tool Suits Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization has become the most crucial element of ranking high in the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Altavista, Dogpile etc. There are several websites on the internet which boast about SEO techniques & tips and guarantee top placement in days. How do you believe and invest your hard earned money in a company who does not have a background in search engine optimization believing their claims?

The question is “are you ready to play a gamble with your site?” Honestly the answer would be a big NO.
No one would like to waste their money. So, what is the way out? How about doing your own search engine optimization? It is a very long drawn and tedious process if you do it manually. So, how to go about it?
Are there any softwares available to do the SEO?
Yes! there are several SEO softwares available in the market. But, how do you know which SEO software is reliable and meet your search engine optimization needs and most importantly, whether they would live up to their claims?
SEO software is the answer to implement the major SEO techniques. What are they? SEO is primarily divided into two parts.
• On page optimization
• Off page optimization
On page optimization
On page optimization involves:
• Title Tags
• Meta Tags like meta keywords (lost its importance now due to keywords abuse) & meta description.
• Alt-Image tags
• H1, H2 tags
• High keyword density
• Quality content
• Ease of navigation
• Internal Linking and more…..
Off page optimization
Off page optimization involves:
• Link Building to improve Link popularity
• Reciprocal Linking – Two way links
• Non-reciprocal linking – In-bound links
• Use of keyword rich anchor text in linking text
• Improving Google page rank
• PPC advertisements
• Directory submissions
It is a well known fact that off page optimization has more value than on page optimization. It does not mean that on page optimization has no value and requires no optimization. On page optimization has its value and should not be ignored.
There are several SEO softwares available to implement the off page optimization by improving link popularity by building both reciprocal and non-reciprocal links. There are websites which offer monthly membership accounts to use their Link Popularity software and some other websites have their software available for one time fee. For a beginner it is always better to go with one time fee software to keep the fixed expenses low. You are here to do business so you need to think and plan every dime you spend towards business success.
So, what to expect from a SEO software selling website?
• Not a one time seller without any future upgrades
• A website with good technical support
• A website with a proven track record
• A website with a forum with quality user feedback
• Most importantly these website’s SEO software should have good product reviews.
We see many SEO software companies doing their own product reviews and it looks more like self propaganda than an honest product review. We need websites who test and verify the claims made by the SEO software companies and publish their honest feedback. This would help the newbie website owners to make an educated decision after reading the detailed unbiased analysis published on a third party website.
There are very few websites that do this and should be encouraged to test and verify more of these SEO softwares and help the website owners to learn and implement the off page optimization techniques. This would save time and money of the online entrepreneurs to improve their link popularity and increase their search engine rankings. Higher search engine rankings bring more traffic to the websites and hence more sales. It is a known fact that we can drive visitors to websites but converting them into buyers totally relies on how effective is the content and ease of website’s navigation.
We should develop effective content in the form of relevant articles linking to your website. Writing an effective article is a skill which needs to be developed by reading other articles and other e-books focusing on writing best articles. Now we should know the list of quality article directories to submit to in the right category. This would be another tedious and time consuming process and this demands an SEO software whose sole aim is article submission to various article directories.
Submitting to SEO friendly directories is another tedious process but the rewards worth the effort involved. The list of SEO friendly directories and the article directories is available at
Another way of getting traffic to the website is thru PPC i.e Pay Per Click. There are several PPC programs available like Google Adwords, Overture PPC, FindWhat etc. Now the question is choosing the right keyword relevant to the content of your website is very important. You might choose the right keyword which is highly competitive and may have to pay a high bid price to get the higher placement in the sponsored links. We need an SEO software to optimize the adwords campaign to choose the right keyword combo to choose for the PPC. This would save money and time and helps beat the competition.
There are several other effective methods to do the off page optimization and there are several SEO softwares available in the market. So, in conclusion read the product reviews, and see the important features of the selling website as mentioned above for the final decision as which SEO software you should get your hands on.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Promote Your Website Promotions

Website promotions are some of the easiest and cost effective ways to promote your business. There are many ways to do this and bring quality traffic to your site. Always remember that your website is like your storefront. Before you start your promotions, be sure that your website looks professional. It should also have good interesting content that your visitors will enjoy. A good sales letter is vital to your business success. It should also have an informative page and a form to contact you.

One of the first website promotions you will do is submit your site to the search engines. To do this you should:
Write some interesting website content that is optimized. Write a variety of articles on different aspects of your business. Include product reviews as these are very popular and will help you to sell your products. Optimizing means making your content keyword rich but not stuffed. To do this, you must do your keyword research for your business. You can do this at
Insert Meta tags into your HTML: Nowadays, a good title and descriptive Meta tags are what counts. These are just small pieces of HTML that guide the search engine bots and give them information to take back to their databases for indexing purposes.
Submit your site: The biggest search engines are Google, Yahoo, and MSN. You have to pay to submit to Yahoo now, but the other 2 are free. Once you build back your links, it is very likely that you will find your website in Yahoo without having to pay for it. When you submit to these 3 search engines, you do not really have to submit to any other ones. Google is the biggest, Yahoo comes second, and MSN is third in size and effectiveness. It is good to aim for the top 10 positions or first page of these search engines.
The second thing to do is to set up a blog. A blog is a small diary written on a daily basis. Write short interesting blogs that your visitors will enjoy. Always remember to make one link that goes back to your content pages. This can be a new article or a brand new product. This can be done on This site belongs to Google and is regularly crawled by their Google bots. This means that the bots will follow your links and find your pages of content at your site. You can get new content indexed within 48 hours in this way.
Article distribution is easy and very powerful. Again, you can write some good articles on different subjects which will attract different segments of your niche market. Use a service or software to distribute them. Grant reprint rights to your entire article web content and also the ones that you distribute. Remember to use a few bios to target the right audience. As well as bringing warm, ready to buy visitors with article distribution, you will also accumulate valuable back links. These will help you to get a better position in the search engines.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Building Customer Loyalty

 Customer loyalty is the key to your business growth and profit. Because loyal customers generate a continual revenue stream through repeat purchases, they bring your business-increased profitability at a lower cost.
Like in any other moneymaking system, to succeed as an email marketer, you will need to understand all the secrets that are available to keep growing your business and apply them immediately.
How to Build a Business Relationship to Gain Customer loyalty!
Everywhere you go online they tell you that you must have a list to succeed. That's true but it doesn't go far enough until you understand exactly what makes subscribers eager to pay for your products, success will remain subtle.
If you don’t know how to build a business relationship to keep your subscribers enthusiastic, eagerly waiting for your articles and rush to buy your product without any regard for brand, your list is worthless.
Hands down the main key factor of a responsive email list is the Trust Factor. If you earn your subscribers trust, you will have much more success when it comes to advertise to your list. Without the trust of your subscribers, they will be leery when it comes to pulling out their credit card to buy from you.

1 - Earn your subscribers' trust

Honesty is essential to earning customers' trust, and that trust is the key to gaining customer loyalty. Earning customers trust is important to the success of any business. Being honest goes with not hiding anything.
Let your subscribers know your Identification and contact information, such as your name, physical address, email address and telephone number. It is important that you let your subscribers know how to contact you for assistance. The more they know you as a person, the more they'll trust you. And when it comes to asking for money, nothing is more important than trust.
Warning: Be sure to be selective in what you promote to your subscribers. If you suggest a product that turns out to be a scam, your subscribers will likely blame you first for recommending it to them. You really can’t afford to take a hit like this to your reputation.

2 - Give Them What They Want

When your subscribers sign up to your ezine, they are doing so for a reason. They want the information you are telling them they will receive. Keep giving them that, and they’ll be happy as can be. Diverge from that, and you could find yourself losing subscribers quicker than you can get them.
Tips: Ask Your Subscribers what they want. Don’t guess. Use this great, easy to use online tactic to find out exactly what your subscribers will buy from you or what subject they want to learn about. You could hold a contest. By sending them simple questionnaires or surveys will give you a sense of your market's needs, wants and preferences. Give the winner a quality prize and/ or gift that he can’t find elsewhere. Getting your
subscribers involved like this will also keep them interested in your emails and help get more emails opened.

3 - Don’t send “too many” marketing messages.

Two thing you really need to watch, as a publisher, is how to advertise your product/ service and what product you endorse. Nothing ticks off a subscriber more than thinking a publisher is only in it for the money. This will happen if you advertise too much, or if you advertise the wrong products.
Sending out an email newsletter with too much ads and a little or no quality information will hurt your reputation. You have everything to lose, and nothing at all to gain by stuffing your Ezine with ads.
The ads in your Ezine aren’t the only things you have to worry about. This also includes any ads you send out that are separate from your regularly scheduled newsletter. Sending out an ad each day is not the way to go if you want to build customer loyalty. It is the way to go if you want everyone to unsubscribe from your list.

4 - Make your subscribers your friends!

Give your subscribers a good sense of who you are. It’s important that your subscribers see you as a real person, because they will likely never meet you in person. One thing every successful publisher does is just talk about whatever is on their mind in each issue of their Ezine. They may talk about their family, their favorite sports team, politics, the weather, anything that’s going on. They usually ask the reader to write back a few comments about it, or the reader will just write back without being asked to. This creates a bond between the publisher and the reader that could result in future sales and future partnerships.

5 - Over Deliver

Nothing makes people happier than knowing you pay attention to them. Make your customers and potential clients delighted by giving them more than they expected. After they order your product or sign up for your publication, give them a gift or a bonus that wasn’t advertised, in addition to any gifts or bonus you promised they would get. I’m not talking about any ebook or software they can download from any website. Give something that no one or only a few other people are giving away. This kind of gift and bonus says that you put a lot of attention and thought into helping them succeed.
From time to time and in special events send free gifts just for the heck of it. By continuously over delivering, your subscribers will realize that you are trying to help them learn what they need to know, and they will appreciate it when you give them the tools and information they need to succeed. This is obviously geared more towards strong relationship and they stay loyal customers longer.

6 - Help Them Out

Besides giving your subscribers what they want, helping them with whatever they need help with is the best way to earn customer loyalty. While this works on an individual basis, instead of taking care of all of your subscribers at once, the people you are able to help will be very grateful, and will probably tell their friends, colleagues and neighbors about you. Positive word-of-mouth is a powerful way to acquire new customers and build customer loyalty.
If one of your subscribers sends you an email asking for help, help them out as much as you can. Don’t just give them a quick, one word answer. They’ll probably just be back asking for a little more information. Just go ahead and tell them what you can, and be nice about it, even if you think it’s a stupid question.

7 - Don’t Use Hype

I’m sure you’ve seen this before. It seems to be everywhere you look people trying to hype-up their offer to make it sound better than it is. Most people just want you to be straight with them.
If you just stick to telling the truth about a product, without making it look like hype, I think your subscribers will have much more respect for you. Personally, I think its stimulating when someone sends me a sales letter and outlines how I can benefit from it without trying to make it sound better than it is. Most people can tell the difference, and will probably be turned off by the hype.
The bottom line
When you combine all of these keys, you’ll build a strong relationship with your subscribers and they stay loyal customers for years. All you need to do is find a way to include all of these keys into your business marketing strategies, and you’ll soon find yourself getting new subscribers, building relationships with and earning customer loyalty.

Get Targeted Traffic To Your Keywords Using Squidoo And Hubpages-Squidoo And HubPages Traffic Trick

By: Jonas FitzGerald

This is a not well known trick you can use to generate traffic. It has great potential for generating traffic, and if used with a good, popular affiliate product, or even for promoting any product at all, it has the potential to generate some fast cash for you.

I've utilised this technique over the course of the last year on Squidoo, and this technique also works well on HubPages too, so I've implemented it there too. This technique could just be what you need to boost your Squidoo lenses and HubPages hubs to a greater level of traffic generation and income for you.

This trick uses what are called tag pages which are used both sites. If you go to either and click on a tag you'll see what a tag page is. This is a page which has a list of all the Squidoo lenses / HubPages hubs that use that tag.

A tag is more commonly known as a keyword or search term which can be used to describe what a lens or hub page is about. After testing this on Squidoo, I tested this on HubPages several weeks later and in each case, a large amount of traffic was generated, and this in turn generated sales for my affiliate products.

A good number of tag pages for both Squidoo and HubPages are ranked well with Google - a Google Page Rank of 6 is not unheard of for these kind of tag pages, and a first page ranking on Google took for that keyword. Adding that tag page to your hub or lens, then it will be listed there and you can start to generate some good traffic quite quickly.

This is a simple tip to get extra exposure and traffic to your hub or lens for free. This is very effective at getting increased traffic and popularity to your page so that you too can appear on that coveted first page for that specific tag. If there are only a few listings for your keyword, then you have a much greater chance of getting highly ranked.

Tips On How To Get Web Traffic

By: John Tan

Anyone who wants to be successful online needs to know how to get web traffic in vast numbers directed straight to their website. Traffic is absolutely crucial to the success of any website and there are certainly a number of things you can do in order to deliver targeted traffic right to your door. As such, consider these tips to help you get going.

It is important that you run a good campaign of search engine optimisation. If you do run a good campaign then it is very likely that your website will begin to appear highly on search engine results when people use specific keywords in their search engine. The higher your page appears, the higher your levels of traffic will become.

Link building is very important as well. There are plenty of things that you can do in order to create links all over the Internet and the more links you have, the more traffic you will generate.

For example, you can simply share space on websites within your niche. As long as they are popular and they have relatively high levels of traffic to them a lot of people are going to click on the link on their site and get directed to yours. As long as you offer a link back to their site from yours then this is going to be mutually beneficial for both of you.

In addition you should make sure that you write and your articles for your website as well. Writing articles is absolutely crucial and when you submit these onto article directories people will be reading them, clicking on the back links, and then being sent straight to your site.

However, it is certainly important that the articles you create are of high quality. Failing to do this will simply not lead to the desired results, and as such they need to be cohesive and informative.

Many Online Marketing Strategists Make Use Of Twitter

By: Cynthia Hailey

Twitter represents one of the most popular faces of social media. It is free, and user friendly, making it one of the fastest growing social media sites. This sure is going to attract advertisers attention.

If you want to reach millions of customers across the globe to get their attention, twitter is the place to be in. It is free and delivers in real time. Twitter expects its subscription base to cross over 50 million users by 2010. This is good news for all internet marketing companies.

Learning to use twitter can help Internet marketers to effectively plan and place their marketing campaigns to generate increased revenue. However to be able to build sustainable business models, one needs to target the audience and stay invested. This is not a quick rich scheme.

Human interaction is integral to the existence of human beings and the society. Similar to ants, human beings are always trying to connect with each other and communicate. Therefore it is no wonder that twitter has become the most favored platform for all to build relationships and exchange information in an instant.

You can use twitter to update your friends and pass on information. One can catch up on all sorts of current happenings with twitter news updates. The messages are often short and specific and are relayed real fast across your friends and contacts.

Longtime users of twitter are at home with the entire scene, while it can be quite a shock for a lot of new comers who feel left out. Once you start engaging in social conversation and mundane things you will find a place for yourself and fit in comfortably. You then start feeling at home on twitter.

Internet marketing strategy involves posting interesting information frequently on blogs, forums, e magazines, press releases etc which helps drive traffic to your web page. People who will twitter it across to others will pick up attractive and interesting information from your web page and your network will automatically expand.

The community is dependent upon building network of friends and followers. You will receive information and updates and keep forwarding it to others and thereby you network of friends will grow and increase rapidly.

Internet marketing experts are able to position the sales campaigns in twitter in such a way to reach all customers effectively without it being known as a direct sales pitch. In depth understanding of how twitter works helps them devise strategy accordingly.

Web Traffic

By: Doc Schmyz

Everyone who has a website wants more needs more traffic. The problem is not all traffic is created equal. A lot of webmasters get so lost in the search for more traffic they lose the focus on if that traffic has any real value. All Traffic is not created equal.

Different websites have different goals. One may be to build a brand, another may be to sell a product while yet another may be to build a list from leads. No matter what the goal, tracking should be done to see whether the traffic generated from various sources is actually helping to achieve that goal.

In some cases, it is easy to see the difference between various traffic sources. For example, it is usually much cheaper to buy Pay Per Click (PPC) ads for a content network than for a search network. On a content network, ads appear on related web sites while on a search network they appear as the result of a user keying in specific search terms.

People who click on ads on the content network tend to be browsing the Internet for information. On the other hand, those searching for key terms, lets say product names, are more likely to be looking to buy. Because of this, conversion rates are typically much higher on the search network. This leads to more demand which, in turn, leads to higher prices for these ads.

However, paying for advertising can eat into profits. In some cases campaigns that are generating a good volume of sales can be rendered unprofitable due to the costs of advertising. However free traffic, organic traffic, which comes from unpaid listing on search engines, is free and targeted. Getting large volumes of traffic from To do this requires being on the front pages of the major search engines for popular terms. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of trying to rank highly for competitive keywords. Unfortunately, many SEO techniques take considerable time to put into place and to affect search engine rankings. It is not a quick method to the matter what a SEO company promises you.

One technique to overcome this problem is to aim for 'low-hanging fruit'. That is, keywords that have less competition. While these generate lower traffic, it is possible to build up considerable amounts of traffic by building up a portfolio of less popular keywords. If you are on a tight budget you can do some of this work yourself...saving you thousands of dollars in professional SEO fees.

Other great forms of generating free targeted traffic include article marketing, email marketing and utilizing joint venture partnerships. The main thing is to avoid traffic generation strategies that cost money, but don't result in conversions. Pay close attention to the traffic numbers you get in return from your efforts.

13Clicks For Free Traffic

By: Paul Brown

"EASY FREE TRAFFIC" are the magical words for every online business.Everyone who is on the internet marketing its all the time in search of ways to achieve the best results. And the only way to achieve those results its to get massive traffic in a short period of time.Usually to get this traffic the internet marketers need to pay thousands of dollars or to work very hard,its that the reason why the"EASY FREE TRAFFIC"words are so magical.

Lately the experienced internet marketers Kieran Gill and Imran S.Have launch their own unique traffic generation software and monetizing strategies program that does most of the work for them automatically.This tool it s called "Auto Traffic Avalanche".

The software program is designed to be easily set up and used by anyone. No matter how experienced you are.They claim it something new and very useful for internet marketers.

It gives you the possibility to have FREE TRAFFIC for your blog, your website and other affiliate sites. They have discovered a secret way that allows the software to "PLUG" in the search engines algorithms. All you must do is setup the software by simply clicking 13 times and the program will do the rest.It will drive thousands of interested visitors to your website.

To increase your chances to be a successful internet marketer this is one of the tools that you should use.But its not a magical tool like the other things in life it will not do anything for you if you don't work with it.

"Auto Traffic Avalanche"does not include pay-per-click, PPV or any other paid for marketing.Does not include those things who you have to work hard to achieve like SEO, article or video marketing.I have not seen or heard about a fully automated low cost solution that generate massive free traffic. But this program seems to have the possibility to do that for you.

2 different traffic strategies are combined on this tool which I have never seen used anywhere else in other programs or softwares that I have tried before.These unique traffic method will be explained for you in the PDF manual of this tool.

Users who get this software can expect to start attracting more high quality targeted EASY FREE TRAFFIC to their online websites.I'm using this tool and starting to profit from it.

Free Article Marketing Course To Increase Google Rankings

By: Jeremy Craft

Most people think that the future of advertising and marketing lies in the internet. As a medium for advertising and advertising, the use of web has unquestionably extended significantly. There's obviously still much discussion surrounding the topic of the effectiveness of internet advertising. Every firm however, focuses greatly on their affiliate advertising technique and spends millions over it.

Do you know what the meaning of this concept is? Affiliate marketing strategy concentrates on affiliate marketing to expand the sales of the company's products. Affiliate marketing uses the internet, and even social network websites are increasingly used for the exact purpose. As a result affiliate advertising has a great deal do about attracting customers to a certain website using whatever means obtainable. Interesting articles are one of them.

From this description you would most likely already have realized that marketing done through e-mail and via search engine optimization are some components of affiliate marketing strategy. You are able to discover many books, blogs and videos about the subject in case you happen to be interested in furthering your knowledge concerning affiliate marketing. There is software program which claims to help individuals included in this form of advertising, and this kind of software which relates to affiliate advertising strategy could now be bought fairly cheaply on the web. Nevertheless, be certain to stay clear of all those scams which are so very typical nowadays.

There are many 'affiliate tools' that are obtainable for individuals involved in this form of advertising. The nature of the tools used for affiliate marketing strategy of a organization would depend on a range of factors. The type and nature from the marketplace in question, the nature from the item and how you intend to generate traffic are some from the fundamental factors that would have an effect on this choice. For example, some individuals included in affiliate marketing technique prefer to use the couponing method because they believe that it is the most effective method. A various person might naturally have a various idea as to what one of the most effective affiliate advertising strategy is.

Whatever technique you use, some experts on this specific field might counsel you to believe from the technique through the eyes of the businessman and to possess a suitable plan. Having a perspective is anyway advantageous when doing any company activity. As stated before however, affiliate advertising technique has been a topic which has generated some dispute. This type of advertising could also be very lucrative and each and every entrepreneur ought to as a result learn about affiliate advertising technique.

Mobile Applications - How Are They Useful

By: Alastair Espie

Have an iPhone, Blackberry or any other smartphone? If you do, chances are that you've already integrated mobile applications into your day-to-day lives. For those of you not familiar with these revolutions in the world of technology, mobile applications are programs, often downloadable, that run on mobile devices. They come in a variety of forms and serve numerous purposes be it to increase productivity, network or just provide pure and simple entertainment. As even the most inexpensive mobile phones are capable of running mobile applications, the scope for development is limitless and applications are only really constrained by the imaginations of developers.

Mobile applications date back to the very first mobile phones. SMS, or text messaging was in fact the first mobile application and today is still the most widely used. It was other early applications though, such as built in games, that changed the way people came to think about what mobile phones could do. With the introduction of WAP (Wireless Application Protocol), phone users were able to access news and sports results but more importantly, could download applications such as ringtones, wallpapers and games allowing a degree of phone customisation. As significant as this was though, WAP was not capable of offering the complex and sophisticated applications that are so prevalent today.

Since the introduction of smartphones, specifically the iPhone, mobile application development has experienced a boom. Because many phones now have near perfect Internet connections, users have been able to develop greater quantities of data and consequently, larger and more sophisticated applications. Developers have responded in kind by producing applications capable of such an array of functions that just about any need can be serviced by the right mobile application.

Currently, most mobile applications are downloadable and for offline use. Google though is hard at work on developing web-based applications. While this means users will require a reliable internet connection, wireless networks are quickly becoming more dependable and far reaching. Offering applications that don't need to be downloaded allows developers a far greater scope to be creative and push the limits of what is possible. Along with the development of 4G networks capable of handling far greater quantities of information, it is clear that both the quality and complexity of applications will continue to develop substantially.

Importantly, mobile applications present ain incredible opportunity for businesses to advertise. Mobile applications are widely used and notably, used by a diverse cross-section of society. It is therefore possible for very precise marketing campaigns to be inserted into applications. Be it through title cards or themed applications, the opportunities are limitless.

How To Choose A Winning Clickbank Affiliate Program

By: Vince Ch'ng

Do you know how to choose a winning Clickbank affiliate program? If you're going to be promoting a product, it's very useful to have good solid criteria you can use to determine if the program is going to be profitable for you. Some of the key things you should look at are Gravity score, competition, the salesletter, the payout and the price. Keep reading to learn about what exactly you should look for in each area.

Gravity Score

For beginners, it's best to promote products in the 20 to 50 gravity range. These are products that have been proven to be successful sellers, but don't have an overwhelming amount of competition. These are the products you want to shoot for.

Once you're more experienced, you can aim at the 50+ gravity range. At no point in time should you aim below 20, because most of those products just won't make you money.

Evaluate the Salesletter

Even if the product has a good gravity, that doesn't mean it'll sell for you. Sometimes Gravity scores are elevated by vendors artificially boosting the score by selling their own products through affiliate accounts.

Take a look at the salesletter and decide for yourself whether or not you think the product will sell.

Payout and Price

How much does the product cost and what does it pay out? As an affiliate, you should look for products that pay out at least $20 per sale. Anything below that amount generally isn't worth your time.

Believe it or not, it's as easy to sell a high ticket item as it is to sell a low ticket item. There are products on Clickbank that go for $97 - $197. If you can find a product that you believe you can promote and has a gravity of over 20, it's generally a better idea to promote that product than it is to promote a $40 product.


In addition to payout and price, one other thing you can look for is continuity. Continuity is basically a month by month membership program that will pay you commission every single month.

Again, it takes about as much effort to sell a product without continuity as it does to sell one with continuity. Except with continuity, you keep getting paid.


Is there competition that's doing what you're doing? Believe it or not, you actually want some competition in your area. That usually means other people are making money doing what you're considering doing.

For example, if you plan on advertising a hypnosis product on AdWords, you want to see other advertisers selling hypnosis eBooks on AdWords. If there are no competitors, then chances are someone's tried it before and it didn't work.

That said, you don't want to go into an over saturated niche either. Too many competitors are almost as bad as no competitors.

To Sum it Up

To sum it up, you're looking for a medium gravity, high payout product with a good salesletter and some competition. If you can match up all these factors, then you've got a very good product to start selling for money.

Get Rich Fast Online

By: Randy Roedl

Countless numbers of people every day are searching the internet trying to find that magical way to get rich online.You can find several products advertised that will guarantee you riches if you follow what their product teaches. You will find promises of being able to make $30,000 in 30 days, or $1000 per day almost right away.

You will find guarantees of being able to make $30,000 in 30 days, or $1000 per day almost right away.After you have been looking the web for long enough and have bought several products and have still not made the money claimed, it is then that you will probably learn the real secret to getting rich quick online.Here is the secret:There won't be any get rich quick schemes.

Searching for the magical program that will make you rich over night is just searching in vain. You will never find it.Don't get me wrong, I am in no way saying that you cannot get rich by working online, but I am saying that there is no magical method of doing it quickly.To earn a decent income on the internet you will need to work hard at it.

To earn a decent income online you will need to work hard at it. You need to put the time and effort into working online as you would work at any type of job.

Treating your online business like a job is the best way to succeed online. It is essential to do as much research as possible about the area of work you choose online. Learn as much as you can about it before you commence any work.When you have chosen what you would like to do online and have done your research, then you must make sure you put as much effort into it as you can. The more effort you put into your online business, the more reward you will receive from it.

The one similarity all online business opportunities have is that you will need to put the effort into them for them to grow into a successful business.Compare your online business to a physical offline business. If you were to run a company offline but put no effort into it your business would not succeed. It is the same with an online business.So many people will fail at making money online for this simple reason.

Compare your online business to a physical offline business. If you were to run a business offline but put no effort into it your business would not succeed. It is the same with an online business.Too many people will fail at making money online for this simple reason. They look for the get rich quick scheme instead of looking for a genuine online business opportunity that can make them a great income if they would put the effort into it.

The designers of those 'get rich quick' products are creating wealth from the naive people looking for a way to get rich.You are the only one who can make yourself successful online. Choose your company and work hard at it and you will succeed.

How To Draw More Visitors To Your Site

By: Tony Royce

Believe it or not, you can make money just sitting in front of your computer. When you start putting time into your blogging you can start increasing your online income. All you have to do is determine how much work you are willing to put into your blog.

It is obvious that if you don't put much work into your blog that you won't get much of a return. However, if you are willing to put more effort into your blog, including going beyond blogging, you will see a much better return.

Many bloggers make the mistake of thinking that all they need to do is have a blog. This thinking is often incorrect.

While it is good to have a blog, that is only the beginning. The real work comes when you begin to put advertising on your blog. You need to set up the blog, and then get to work with placing advertisements.

The key part is marketing the advertisement. When you post blogs about the products or services, you should put a more information link, also known as the affiliate link. When people buy products and services based on your affiliate link, you get paid.

There are always paid registries to place your blog in to bring some attention to your blog. However, there are free tools and methods to take advantage of. Like finding other blogs in the same area of interest as your blog and leave some comments to try to attract them to your blog.

Many people make a living off of writing articles pertaining to their marketing advertisements and add a link back to their blog. This is a great way to attract more visitors to your blog. Simply write some articles relevant to your niche and lead them back to your blog.

Be sure not to just use one method to bring people to your site. Just remember to keep all of your content relevant to your site and watch the money come it. If this process is done right, it can actually become a full time income.