Saturday, November 27, 2010

To Increase Traffic Website

This article gives advice and information on how to increase traffic to your website. there is obviously no point in having a superb looking, content rich site if only a few people can see it.

 One of the best ways of gaining extra traffic is to build up the number of backward links you have pointing to your website. The best type of link is a one-way link, where a website adds a link to your site but does not get one back from you. there's  a few ways of obtaining these type of links including:Writing articles.

Other site owners may add the article to their blog or website and this creates you a one-way link. The people reading the article are also potential visitors to your site.Purchasing a text-link commercial on a quality site. If the site in query has a high page rank value, this is then passed onto your site.

The commercial itself  like any commercial can also attract people to your site.Joining in debates in various forums. I enjoy reading and contributing to forums. Submitting your site to directories.Making comments on other peoples blogs.
Where possible the net site which includes a link to your site needs to be in the same industry as your own website.

These backward links have a much higher value in the eyes of the search engines.I must admit that it is very hard to get these type of links  on a one-way basis.I think it is a nice suggestion to build a network of sites on the same theme as the main website.
Each of the sites in the network has a link pointing to the main site and after promoting each of the sites, you will then have  a few themed and powerful one-way backward links which will make the original site like an authority in its own field.If you are struggling to find content you could use other peoples articles to help you.

To help fund the cost of the network you could add google adsense onto all of the new sites. In the future this network could be worth thousands of pounds in the event you have spent  time promoting each site.
At this stage you have the choice of selling the network and relaxing or enjoying the benefits yourself that it will no doubt bring.I think the writing of quality articles for re-print and the building of themed network sites is the future of the net for individuals who need to be successful site owners. nice luck.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Make More Money Online With A Blog

Did you ever consider to start your own blog to make more money on the internet? If not, you really should, because by tapping into the blogging scene you can easily increase the profitability
of your website.
Just right now is a great deal of hype and talk about blogs, but when one strips them down and looks at them clearly, they discover that a blog is nothing more than a web site.  In essence, a blog is a website featuring an easy to use content management system that allows for quick updating in chronological order.  The roots of blogging trace back to online journaling and community-building efforts, but approached from a business perspective, blogs are uniquely positioned to make you money.  Their structure, treatment from search engines, and ease of use make them a wonderful moneymaking tool.
The structure of blogs is perfect for revenue-producing efforts.  This is because the sites are, invariably, heavy on content and are naturally organized in an intuitive fashion.  Regardless of what platform one uses for blogging, they will be able to produce a content-based site featuring a series of potentially well-targeted pages.

Search engines love content.  Textual content keeps search engine spiders well-fed and persuades them to visit again and again.  Google, Yahoo and MSN reward informative sites chock-full of information with better positioning in search results and index these sites quickly.  Because blogs are content-driven, they serve as a model for how to build a “cooperative relationship” with a search engine.  In the end, effective blog use produces high search engine rankings and, thus, great traffic levels.  Traffic, of course, is a key to profitability.  It is hard for a site to profit if no one sees it!  The traffic advantages vis-à-vis search engines is one of the chief selling points of blog use.

If you are familiar with running a traditional website, you have undoubtedly learned two things.  First, success will hinge, in large measure, on your ability to provide fresh content to your visitors.  Second, adding new content to a static site can be a definite hassle. 

One must write the content (or pay to have it written), convert it to HTML, insert it into the static page and then upload the page to the server again.  The inefficiency of doing this makes it all too tempting to “overlook” making updates as frequently as one should.

Blogging solves this problem.  All major blog platforms allow users to create new “posts” (which are nothing more than blocks of content) via an easy interface and to add them to the blog with a few simple mouse clicks.  The result is empowering.  Instead of dreading content updates, webmasters can actually look forward to adding new material in moments.  Whether a blog user writes their own content or outsources the job to a pro, adding the new text is a simple and convenient proposition.  This makes it easy to build the content-rich sites that soar to the top of the search engine rankings.  It also creates a heightened level of stickiness for the blog, making return visitors far more likely.  That traffic, when coupled with the right moneymaking strategy produces impressive results.

If you are relying exclusively on traditional static websites for your online ventures, you may want to reconsider your perspective.   Using a blog affords some unique advantages and can be a great way to create profitable, highly-visited sites that require minimal effort.
So why not start blogging today?

Blogging For Business

It goes without saying that maintaining a blog is a good idea for the health of your business. Have you ever asked yourself Why? Being familiar with how blogs work and how to effectively utilize them for the health and wealth of your business will pay you back substantially for your efforts. Ineffective Blogging will simply waste your time, efforts, and this tremendous  marketing tool.

Why does your business need a Blog? Credibility would be a good answer. Posting about news in your industry, links you'd recommend to topics related to your industry or post valuable information from the inside  or your personal experiences, your readers will see you not only as a valuable information source but as a community minded business.
Building traffic and  list building are two more reasons why your business needs a blog. These tools are Solid, Effective, and Proven Tools for marketing your Goods and Services Online.
Blogs are great for your customers.They're not seen the same as your basic website or sales page. Postings are usually informal. At times entertaining yet informative. Their accuracy and effectiveness will peak the interest of your readers, establish you as an Expert, and build trust between you and your readers.
Having the ability to offer subscriptions to your blog through sources loike, your readers can simply opt to recieve notices of your most recent postings, delivered directly to their inboxes. Provided your postings remain relevant to your readers wants and needs, they'll continually come to you first.
If you set up your blog to accept comments, this will give your readers the ability to post feedback on your posts. This will give you valuable insight and ideas regarding your next product or project.

How to build traffic with your blog. Your blog provider may provide potential readers the option of a search box. This tool gives the reader the ability to search for a particular blog using a word or phrase. By using those particular words or phrases in your title you'll boost your chances for acquiring some targeted traffic.
Don't forget to submit your blog to the search engines. Also remember, this is "The Information Super Highway". Blogging is information and the Search Engines Love them. After every post, Simply 'ping' your blog, (this announces
your update. I use  and the search engines will pick it up. 
So jump on the blogging bandwagon take advantage of one of the cheapest and smartest marketing tools available. It's easy and profitable - so build yours today!

Many Tips for Bloggers

Write the Best Possible Content even if it is not every day
Writing often is advice that most bloggers come across on other sites. The reason why it is popular advice is due to the fact that it is based on the assumption that posting often demonstrates that you are committed to what you do. This results in visitors and readers coming back to your blog to see and read about what you’re up to. Posting too often may sometimes have the opposite effect.
Visiting a blog for the second time, readers might be looking for the same post to re-read or something similar. Forcing your readers to go through a bunch of new posts, 1, 2 sometimes 3 a day might be a deterring factor. In these cases I will just use a search engine to find what I am looking for. Furthermore, the 2nd and 3rd posts of the day are usually of lesser quality due to writers fatigue and therefore less interesting. Instead of posting several times a day just post once a day or just whenever you think you have something interesting or useful to write about. Put some though in your posts, give your readers a reason to come back and always avoid bombarding them with clutter. Focus your effort on a few good topics.
Optimize your Blog for Search Engines 

Most bloggers out there start blogging the wrong way. After they start blogging they do so by relying primarily on social networks for traffic.  Social network traffic is great but it rarely converts into money. The best traffic to make money is search engine traffic. A blogging tip everyone should get a chance to read and re-read is that search engine traffic will be the most profitable kind. Although Social networking is an easy way to generate traffic you should always spend some time to make sure your blog and posts are properly optimized to rank well in search engine result pages. Take a few hours a week and perform a few scheduled and simple search engine optimization tasks.
Blogging SEO
In your blog
Make sure your titles are relevant to your topic, make sure you refer to your topic keywords throughout your posts, and make sure you tag your posts properly. Also make sure to interlink your posts with older relevant posts.  Always use keywords you are interested in ranking high for and keep these keywords concentrated around a specific topic.
From other sites
Get as many one way inbound links with anchor text as you can; by many I mean thousands. Think of your site or your blog as a property you acquired in the country side. After you start building you will need to make a road, get it hooked up with power and so one. Backlinks are the essentials your blog or site will need to prosper. Don’t only rely on other bloggers to link to you. Create backlinks to your blog by submitting articles in databases. Write a few 500 word articles on similar topics you write about in your blog, add back links with ancor text and start submitting. Ideally you should submit a few articles to thousands of directories for every post you write. There is software available to help you do this. Do the same thing for every post. You can easily create thousands of one way links your blog and particular posts in less than a few hours.
Social bookmarking also works great for this purpose. Make sure you get your posts bookmarked at as many bookmarking sites as possible.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Marketing And Search Engine Optimization

It has become increasingly difficult to get to the top of the major search engines in recent years as the likes of Google and Yahoo! have changed their criteria for how they rank websites. Many old techniques such as metatags and reciprocal links have lost their effectiveness. However, despite these changes, article submission remains one of the most effective ways to gain incoming links that will boost your website's popularity among the major search engines.

While there are many other aspects to search engine optimization (SEO), article submission can be a cheap and effective way to help you get that coveted spot on the first page of the search engine results for keywords relating to your business.

First let's look at how article marketing works in relation to improving SEO. Basically, every time a link to your website is published on another website your popularity with the search engines increases. These are known as backlinks. In every marketing article you submit to an article directory you can include a resource box with information about you or your product, and a backlink to your website.

So, even just by submitting to article directories you are already increasing the number of backlinks to your website. However, the real value from submitting these articles is that they can be picked up and published anywhere on the web. Every time an article is published you get another backlink to your website. If your articles are published enough times you could see your search engine page ranking rocket. Bear in mind though, that the effectiveness of your campaign will depend on where the articles appear. A backlink from a website that itself has a high search engine page ranking will carry more weight than a backlink from a site with a poor ranking.

Keywords vs quality
Carefully choosing keywords is an essential part of article marketing for a number of reasons. First, you want your articles to be easily found in article directories. If they remain buried under similar articles they will never be published on other websites and your efforts will have been wasted.

Also, you want your articles to get good results on the search engines themselves. If your articles find their way onto the front pages of the search engines you will increase exposure to your website or product, and increase your reputation as an article writer.

However, there is more to successful article marketing than keywords. There has been an ongoing difference of opinion among SEO experts as to whether the quality of articles can be sacrificed for the sake of high keyword density within the text. While it is important to put keywords in the text to help with SEO, quality content is king when it comes to article marketing.

The main aim of article marketing is to get your articles published on as many websites as possible. Quality content is at a premium on the internet so if you can provide good articles that people want to read you will be successful. If you stuff your articles with keywords websites will not publish them and readers will rarely read beyond the first paragraph. So, keep keywords to about two per every 100 words of text and do not let them disrupt the flow and the meaning of the article.

Know your neighbor

The most successful article marketers are the ones who gain a reputation as experts in their chosen field, so try to find your niche and work to your strengths. If you write authoratively and enthusiastically about a subject that you know about you are much more likely to attract readers.

If, for example, you have a website that sells Mac software you could write about new releases and trends in this field. However, you could also boost your profile by becoming involved in the general online Mac community by posting on forums or even creating your own blog. These can provide extra opportunities for creating backlinks and driving traffic to your website, and as you become better known in your field you will find your articles will be more used more often and more widely.

New Web 2.0 social bookmarking websites are also giving article marketers new opportunities for improving SEO and increasing traffic to their website. If you come up with an article you think could be very popular on the web you could publish it on your website and submit it to websites like Digg and Reddit. If it gains popularity on these sites it could go viral and bring thousands of hits to your site.
Article marketing offers excellent opportunities to promote your product while improving the SEO of your website. Even if you do not have the time or the will to write articles yourself, you should look into having a freelance writer doing the job for you.