Monday, July 23, 2012

5 tips to get more traffic infallible in your blog

Like any blogger, the traffic is very important to the health and life of any blog, is like food for all living things.

Getting traffic to a blog or site is the hardest thing in the career of a blogger, and failure to receive visitors is enough to leave anyone without sleep.
Thus, in this article today we will share 5 basic tips and valuable will help you get more traffic to your blog or website.

Write lots of content, as there's no tomorrow

The content is primary and fundamental, it is as if the heart of your blog or site. The more the better, with more content your blog will be healthier and stronger, which will appear in search results and receive valuable as organic visitors. Therefore, try to write as much content as possible, and also increases the frequency of post.
This helps your blog to be indexed faster by search engine robots (Google, etc..), And also keep a blog alive for regular readers. In this case, if you can not maintain a stable frequency of posting, then you have the option of inviting other bloggers to post on your blog, or hire writers. In brief also invite you to learn a new project of unique content for your blog you can buy a click of a mouse.

Always give a catchy title for your article

After writing the article, read it with great care and attention, and create a title for it, but keep two things in mind when giving a title: First use related keywords. Second make it attractive with interesting words. This helps a lot and forces your readers and visitors to click on it, increasing the number of page views and bounce rate decreasing.

Keep the uniqueness of your blog

You should always give priority to the singularity, if you want to make your blog visible. The body of every human being is similar, but the only thing that differentiates it from another person is the way they dress, behave, etc.. Try to always offer unique content to your readers, and try to be on the list of the first to introduce new things in the online world. If you're sharing the same things the rest of thousands of other bloggers, it means you are doing little to increase the number of readers. So, to increase traffic to your blog, you need creative ideas.

These articles have not yet search engine optimized title, have been gaining popularity due to its high percentage of CTR and social networks.

If you are someone who pays writers to generate content or buy essays online, try checking in as much as possible the originality of what you buy, at least to have some confidence in the editor.

Write articles for other blogs

The "Guest Post" is a recent trend, but effective in the world of blogs. "Guest Post" means that you can submit your post or article for publication to any other blog as guest author. The main objective of "Guest Post" is to show your presence in the online community, in order to get backlinks and increase your followers and readers. Always post your post on blogs or sites that are found in the same niche that your blog, SEO must be compatible, in preference to those with Page Rank higher than 2 (although each time the PR is less important, is a way to see the authority of a site). If readers find your post is related to their interests, probably, they will click on the link to your profile or signature to know more about you and your blog, and also search engines determine the popularity of a blog or looking site incoming links. In this way, generate permanent backlinks and you increase your blog traffic.

Submit your blog to article directories

Enlist your blog online directory for search engine optimization, and also gives you direct traffic to those articles with backlinks. There are thousands of directories online, just register and submit your blog.

With the advent of the new algorithm with Google Penguin increasingly less importance is given when the directories to position, but in the case of items (especially if the sector), to me, at least it has worked and he still works great.

I'm sure the above tips will help you get more traffic to your blog.

I invite you to share your views on this article and also to give some advice that you think are useful to bring traffic to a blog. Among certainly get a more complete guide.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Facebook for Business: How to profit of 900 million users?

The reality is that the social network Facebook compete with China and India in terms of number of inhabitants is concerned if it were a nation. However, it has surpassed the two is that the nation is now more diverse in the world .
How not to get something commercial profits? I am absolutely convinced that when it comes to obtaining the maximum benefit in all that has to do with online businesses, Facebook has become for many businesses in an excellent link that has brought these to have a better popularity to achieve significant sales and have an open channel of customer interaction. The advantages offered by this network are large and highly profitable.

Then I show how to leverage Facebook for your business to get to places unimaginable, or at least a few tips to make money from Facebook :

Facebook page (FanPage): A Facebook page can help you get a different visibility and attract a greater number of users and customers to your online business. There are many ways to develop one with all the advanced features of a CMS and that gives your business the touch of class and professionalism you deserve. Create a Facebook fan page is very common today.

However, there are different ways as you can and above all I think there are a lot of different things you can do so you can get the most out of them.

Advertisements: The advertisements on Facebook you can design them according to the public as you want. Of all the large audience available to you in many languages ​​around the world, you can choose the most favorable as you can get the most out of the best proposal you have available to do business and get the widest profitability throughout the world.

Applications: One of the things that money lets people are Facebook applications. There is everything and you can make as many applications as you want and so you can tie your audience and even to promote your goods and services for it.

Translate your content: Translate your content into many languages ​​is ideal if you want your products and services is global. In your expansion plans can consider this and I'm quite sure you're going to get very good benefits to this.

Sale terms: although the council would be in the dark part of the business of Facebook, if you have a page with a good number of fans, it is possible that some people get paid to send advertising messages to your fans as if they were their own recommendations.

If you have imagination and a lot of users who like your proposal, make sure you get good money for this network.

Advantages Facebook for business

Facebook pursues the goal of a billion users and gives very firm steps to innovate and help people to connect stronger linkages in the use of technology.

From your own mobile phone or your PC can access your Facebook account and comment, post photos, share your favorite song or video and do lots of things that expand your opportunities to socialize. Businesses have studied this phenomenon very well not only Facebook and are using it to send their advertisements and do their campaigns online, but also are taking advantage of all the versatility and appeal of Facebook to expand business opportunities and make things work much more efficient and interactive.

Here are some of the most significant advantages that offers social networking site Facebook.

Commitment: You can make your customers achieve a higher level of commitment to your brand and you can secure the same by an appropriate approach by Facebook. That if it's just as easy to create a huge user approach to your brand, so is driving them away. You must be careful what you do and think 2 times before saying what you think or respond to any comments so unorthodox.
Branding: If you are interested in branding reinforce the brand, this is one of the great advantages and benefits you can get through Facebook. This point will be closely linked to the former.

Web Traffic: Although not always the case, as a rule, Facebook driving traffic around the world, but can only generarte a huge traffic depending on how you handle your account and what is the audience that you're addressing.

Generation of sale: You can generate offline sales or at an off-line through Facebook. Many times there are shops, department stores and restaurants that offer their services and products through Facebook and this is a very interesting way to maximize this powerful social network. It is increasingly common to see street signs in business style "tell your friends you're in the store x and we will apply a discount on your purchase."

Viral effect: When you cast a promotion, or interact with your service related through Facebook, you can benefit from viral effect that can have an action. This is probably the intended result anyone who tries to form his own image within the social giant.

Open channel of communication: Facebook is also a very efficient communication channel that allows you to interact with many people at once a very low cost. Some time ago it was unthinkable to send a message to several million people on the same day without making an investment rather than important.

Online Stores: What's more, now, on Facebook you can sell your products directly. Something really useful not only to publicize your brand, but to do as you start making money with it.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

8 New Tips to get more followers on Twitter

Twitter is the microblogging social network of fashion and where there is fashion, there are users, and users if there is no traffic. Therefore I'll give you some tips I've learned / read about how to improve your traffic with Twitter and how to get more users to follow you and leave you to follow. Note that for SEO , it is increasingly important to the popularity in social networks, so helpful!

For starters, I have to say that these tips have to implement them, and if you do not have quality content and do not update your site regularly will not do much.

1. Twitter is a Social Network

As I said, Twitter is a social network and social networks, such as their names imply, are to practice sociability. I always say, people want quality content, controversy, news, and all that you can lead to large numbers of followers.
People do not follow (or not often do) to people who do not offer something that does not argue, not debate, do not talk with them.

2. Use a nice avatar

Without being an expert in graphic design , sure you can think of any way to create a logo or avatar for your Twitter user to draw enough attention. Remember that, above all, go for the eyes if you appear in a Retweet or a search.

3. Be yourself

In a social network have to be yourself, not just make news with the link and you are at all. Speak as if you were you (although really you) and not as if you were a super serious business, people want to have contact and treat them as equals.

4. Create discussion

Users want to see what others think (in this case you), discuss (always with respect) your opinions and add or modify information you have shared. Not of those who want to be right at the most extreme, are cautious and believe or think that one has contradicted you're right, you have to let them know.

5. Ask questions

+ Google bought Facebook, what do you think? Obviously Google did not buy Facebook, is a clear example of the kind of Tweet likes people because they can express their opinion. If you believe any of your followers has raised a response that has moved or surprised you, retwitéala.

6. Do not spam

Do not fill the board of your followers with 20 tweets in a row. Be patient and publishes a time in between. Nobody likes to see your entire screen is filled with your posts, that can bother you and stop following you.

7. Share interesting things

Not only have you to share news and articles on your website, you can share things that you think is worth doing. Not everyone is selfish with your followers, not only is your site, users are also interested and funny things funny, or shocking news, and even things that have nothing to do with your topic.

8. Do not anti-business campaign or anti-products

This ugly criticize in an unpleasant manner to anything (whether company, product or person). If you disagree with your opinion or how they act, do not insult or speak with contempt. You can always ignore that person / company in a very simple, letting it go.
Any of your followers can establish bad your comments, stop following you and talk bad about you, and even on the Internet, also dominates much popularity by the traditional 'word of mouth'.

With these simple tips, putting them into practice and with a bit of time if your site is interesting and has quality content, fans will eventually arrive.

Strengths and weaknesses of Twitter for business

Many people interact from their personal computer, mobile phone or tablet through the social network Twitter. This network is very versatile and dynamic, the ability of the same couple that we can learn from everything that interests us-and what does not interest us, is quite eloquent.

Twitter as a platform for social interaction allows us to do many things and enjoy the many benefits that have become his main strength. These strengths not only can we measure them in relation to the business as such, but Twitter users themselves can enjoy the versatility that has this and the way in which they can communicate their ideas.
Benefits of Twitter for business

Agility: One of the most agile services or channels that we know is no doubt Twitter. Through this impressive social network you can very quickly reach your audience and that this channel allows you to that level of agility.

Low cost: Operate one or more Twitter accounts is not only a new channel of communication with your customers but compared to other media, can help you to operate quite a low cost or even free.

Accuracy: Through Twitter you have a wide channel, completely open to be very precise with the information you send, communicate and receive.

Ease of entry: it is not a closed network, much less. All companies have a place in Twitter and the ability to grow without much effort.

Increase your business relationships: If you're using Twitter you have the possibility, as a business, expand your relationships, increase your opportunities expand and grow and above all, make lots of money. To the extent that you relate more, the more likely you are to get better resources and better profit.

Extend your customer service: One of the great advantages is that Twitter is giving through your own business can provide customer support, discuss topics to help users be more effective and above all to have a better performance in every sense of the word.
Disadvantages of Twitter for business:

I understand not everything can be good, because if so, the companies would use anything else to grow. Here we explain some of the weaknesses we have found Twitter when doing business.

It's easy to be "portrayed" is a social network as quickly and with so much interaction, you can easily look ridiculous if you use it properly and think before writing the tweets.

No users of all types:  still it is one of the most used social networks around the world, can not find it (yet) users of all kinds. They are older than Tuenti, and generally quite prepared. We all have the odd Hoygan, but it is most common. This, what your business can hurt you.

Can not be extended: there are times when 140 characters go far, and will miss some space to explain your oversupply or new service.

How to make money through social networks

In my experience in online business I have seen many things you can do and things I would never recommend to do. O What works what does not work we can not base it on the individual experience of a person or company.

However, one if you can say and consider what has repeatedly been successful to a large group of people. Something we all know that several companies, blogs, and individuals has given impressive results, are social networks, how the agenda is.

Find out about the best ways to make money through social networks as read on this content.

Promote your latest deals: If you have in your online business a Facebook account or Twitter, to promote to your members or creating the latest deals and discounts offers for your audience on social networks can make big money in this way. Today Facebook has many millions of users and there is ample opportunity to obtain great benefits in this regard. You should not miss the opportunity that offers. Even if you think your business is not large enough to be there, do not lose anything trying, and you have much to gain.

Send traffic to your blog: if the theme of your blog fans interested in your pages, not only enter and leave the odd click advertising, but also is likely to share it with theirs. It is what is known how viral. When content is viral, social networks are an impressive way to generate traffic. Not all topics are viral; to be, should call the attention of the user. For example, often very funny videos viral, however, the tutorials on a specific topic usually are not at all.

Channel ad: The ad allows you a constant stream of people interested in consuming your products. In Facebook you can pay for ads that bring sales as a result and focus on the audience that want to go.

Many times there is advertising for teens but parents send instead of teenagers, as they have no consumer power but his parents if, which produces a positive impact on you.

Offer discount coupons: Your audience through social networks can learn first offers and promotions. For this reason, it is important to use the potential of these to make enough money, increase your sales and keep a captive audience you always get offers that interest them. Discount coupons are a great way to get many customers and increase your online sales.

Sell ​​followers and fans: A well-known practice today is to sell fans on other pages. To get to sell significant amounts of fans (between 1000 and 10,000) need pages totaling millions of them and have a public asset, so that if they recommend a particular page, several of them please click the button "I like ".

Sell ​​fan pages: Another increasingly profitable business in connection with the Facebook fan pages, is none other than speculation. The believe, the full of fans and sell them to someone else to do business with them. Usually paid about one euro in 1000 fans, so a page with a few million can meaning you good money fast.

Requirements to make money with affiliate marketing

The products offer a large company provides and not necessarily your-not only much easier, but that winning commission for sales to be achieved because of this outreach effort, can help you focus on only the best know how to do-promote.

The promotion is an online business to greater profitability. The monetary investment is almost minimal (not time) and the results can be very prolific.

Use your online platform, your blogs, websites, Facebook pages, Twitter, and everything that you can generate traffic that can be your perfect weapon for you to start earning lots of money on commission for sales you can achieve through affiliate marketing or affiliate marketing. Simply promote third party products and services that can help sell and offer completely change your life and get a very stable financial life.
Let's look at what factors are essential or basic requirements that one may consider to make money through an affiliate program.

Joining excellent plans: There are various membership programs that market are available online and everything, I think you can get a large benefit to them. Try to choose the best and obtain maximum benefit of what they have to offer.

Have good traffic: Have an excellent traffic is the best you can do to have after a high number of conversions. Try to increase traffic as much as possible because this is the most important requirement in affiliate marketing.

Dedicate yourself to promote: This time if you are used to sell and not have to make effort in promoting and devote yourself to have a good promotional campaign to make such products or services that can generate enough sales. The higher your sales are greater your income.

Diversify programs: The key to success in all this that you diversify the affiliate programs and above all have the ability to choose those with whom you feel most comfortable to promote, you know well the product you are promoting and you know which are the highest virtues they may have. I think the essential thing in all this is that we can get the most out of it and especially that one can have better control hand in every sense.

Do not be fooled: it looks good product to promote and especially you do not put money on it. You can invest in growing your site, but affiliate marketing should not have to pay anything to promote a product or service.

Promote something you would buy: this will not only feel better when you sell something you know but also what you do in a much more natural. If a product or service you've proven yourself, the better. And if not, something that may interest you at least ..

Friday, July 20, 2012

How do you promote a business online?

To promote their business online effectively, in addition to designing your website, you need to define the most suitable promotion scheme to attract traffic and invest in this service.

Every time someone comes to our firm with the intention of knowing what to do to market your business on the web, our advice is invariably the same: " The success of a project like this depends on three actions Keywords: research, scale and invest . "

If you want to promote your business effectively, the first thing to do is understand how the system of promotion on the Internet, as all decisions you make in your Internet marketing project, depend on the level of knowledge you have about this topic.

Take special care not to fall into the mistake that so many companies in our country, to limit its strategy to the mere creation of a website, hoping that by that single act alone your company magically capture all the business opportunities that occur in network.

Inquire about the Google

There are millions of people, both suppliers and consumers, traversing the Internet every day. These two major groups, all of which require the products and all those who provide these goods and services, have business meetings all the time and search engines are responsible for making the connection between the two groups.

As you probably already know, the main task of a search engine such as Google, is to provide the user with links to web pages, images, videos and other content in response to a search request. On a purely commercial, the function of a search engine is to connect consumers with providers.

So if you want to promote an online business, it is essential that products and services your business offers can be easily located through a search engine, otherwise it is as if your business does not exist. "Getting found online" is a priority for many businesses worldwide, referring to the need to be located through a search engine.

The key to the success of your Internet marketing project lies not only in creating a functional and attractive website, as nearly everyone thinks, but rather in the implementation of a promotional scheme that allows your website to be localized quite easily by potential customers.

Climbing the project management level

Once you have become aware of the need to be in search engines, the second important action is to scale up the project management level.

We are talking about promoting your business, not an activity as simple as buying the stationery of the month. If you delegate the responsibility to create and implement an Internet marketing strategy in (a) assistant, you will surely miss the opportunity to know the details of this new marketing system and the decisions you make will most probably based on incomplete information .

Both the general direction as the main divisions in charge of sales and marketing business, should be closely involved in the project. Only in this way will have the opportunity to properly assess the different offers on the market and select a solution to fulfill their main objective is to promote the business.

Invest in a solution

Allocate adequate resources for the project. No advertising campaign that you hire for your business can be free and Internet marketing is no exception. In fact, the more expensive service that you arrange to position your business online, it is precisely for promoting your website, not the design of it.

In defining the financial resources allocated to the project, note that a high percentage of companies do not hire service search engine promotion. If you have defined your investment budget based on research of what other companies have invested in your project, it is likely that these resources are not sufficient to run the entire project.

Designing a website is an important piece of an Internet marketing program, but it is not the only thing you have to invest. If you want to promote your internet business successfully, it is necessary to devote much of their time to properly define the promotion scheme to be used and allocate sufficient resources to carry out this activity.

There are several options, but the most natural solution to promote a website are the seekers, who offer essentially two promotion schemes: paid advertising (SEM / search engine marketing)) and natural results (SEO / search engine optimization).

Before investing, ask your marketing agency which of these two schemes is best suited to promote your business.

How to Buy a Website

Six basic questions that we consider vital to making a good buying decision when purchasing a website for your business.

Our firm has been in the internet industry almost since the technology began to be used for commercial purposes in our country and have lived very closely how companies have matured their concept of this tool and its application to business processes and operational business.

After receiving over a thousand applications for web design projects over the past two years, from companies located in different cities within and outside of Mexico, we regret to say that companies are doing things wrong, as entrepreneurs and managers are still not well informed on the subject of Internet marketing, perhaps because of disinterest, as virtually the only question asked when a project is listed how much the development of the site.

Indeed, the executives responsible for web projects rarely formulate the right questions before making your purchase decision, so often end up acquiring a financial website, and ineffective course, which unfortunately prevents them from meeting the objectives business initially raised.

Probably the greatest effect of this disinformation is reflected in the lack of adequate promotion of websites, as often companies try to address this issue months later when the website is already designed and there is very little chance of achieve effective promotion through search engine rankings of pages. Then take the decision to completely redesign the website, which is a costly alternative, it is very difficult for most of these companies have already made a significant investment in the project.

It is a good sign that you are reading these lines, as this means that aims fully informed about the website before making decisions. This will give your business a significant advantage over other companies, probably even over your competition.

We present then the six questions that we consider vital to making a good buying decision when purchasing a website for your business:

What is success on the Internet?

The success is primarily to publish appropriate content and properly promote the website to reach the largest number of visitors may be interested in the products and services your business offers. Additionally, other factors are also important as selecting the correct kind of site, technology platform and development tools.

A common mistake is to design a site with shopping cart when in fact customers are not buying online. However, even when these other factors are important, we are sure that success depends essentially on the promotion of recruiting website along with the design.

How I can get traffic to my website?

The web site traffic can be achieved through a good system of promotion and the most effective means of achieving this is the search engine positioning because everyone, including you and myself, we use search engines like Google and Yahoo! to find the pages.

Most people know that you arrange a promotion service for your site and it is right that this service is contracted with the site design, not months later when the site is already developed and is virtually impossible to position it. The reason is that the site should be designed with certain development standards recommended by the search engines.

A deeply rooted belief among the community of entrepreneurs and managers is that the positioning should be simple and easy to achieve, be that in practice is very complex, the process takes several months and requires a large commitment from the companies that pretend to be in the top positions in the lists of search engine results.

How do you evaluate websites?

The graphic design of a website is not the only feature, or most importantly, to evaluate a website. Even if you do not see it as necessary, its promotion is vital to your business. In fact, companies design their web pages just to be visited and to promote their products and services.

It is very rare to find a case that comes out of this scenario. So the two most important features to evaluate on a website are: content and positioning. If you intend to evaluate the projects in a web design agency to select a provider, do not make the mistake of many companies who only visit sites to review the work of graphic design.

In addition to artistic consideration, select the search engine of your choice and try to locate the products and services offered by these companies to get an idea of ​​the level of positioning achieved. Search engine is where you earn the business, not the beauty of your pages. You can have the finest site in the world, but no good if it can be located through a search engine, at least in the field of business sites.

How do you evaluate suppliers?

In addition to traditional concepts of evaluation of technology vendors such as experience, customer success stories, repo rate and technologies that offer, in the case of websites is very important that you inquire about the level of knowledge and experience agency in positioning of websites in search engines. Everyone will probably say they are experts and have little knowledge of the subject you will surely be difficult to determine if they offer this service with good results as promised.

There are two things you can do to evaluate with good margin of accuracy, how much experience in positioning the suppliers you are considering. First, check the level of positioning of websites that each vendor has developed as projects. To this end, the only thing you have to do is visit the site, scoring two or three of the products or services that the company offers and find these products on the Internet through the browser of your choice. Second, ask the agency about what the two factors that determine the position in search engines and what is the performance curve of the positioning of websites over time, from day zero to the desired position is achieved and how this.

You certainly do not know the answers, but the agency that is truly specialist will respond to these questions in a clear, simple and compelling. After talking with two or three agencies, you will immediately realize who really is the expert in SEO.

What is it and how to achieve search engine rankings?

Search engine optimization is a web design technique through which attempts to bring the site to the top of results on major search engines like Google and Yahoo!.

The goal is not the position itself, but the traffic (number of visits to a website) that will be generated as a result of having that level of visibility on search engines around the world used to locate web pages that contain the information , documentation, products, services or news that people are looking for.

The positioning of web sites is complex, much more complicated than people imagine, and is not achieved simply by including phrases in the meta-tags as many people think. Depending on the sector in which your company and the languages ​​in which you want to promote their products and services, will be less or more difficult to achieve the desired positioning, but never easy.

In a project of this type is vital that the client follow the exactly the recommendations issued by the specialist. The positioning is achieved mainly through good content and application of design standards required by Web search engines.

What information must I provide to my project list?

Probably due to workloads, the vast majority of executives responsible for web projects usually seek to obtain a budget without providing the minimum information required to quote a project. In some cases even mention the sections will the site, but never have to detail what each contains.

The question is very simple, just as an architect needs to know the size, style and finishes to determine the budget for building a house, a web design agency needs to know from the start site size, usually expressed through a same map to determine the exact number of pages and the languages ​​they want to publish the information according to destination markets.

If the budget is reached based on a simple list of the sections of the site, the agency might be thinking that the site is, for example, 50 pages, when in fact the site will contain 200 pages and some web applications.

In practice, inadequate specification of the project scope is the most frequent cause of disputes between customers and web design agencies on projects that do not come to fruition. If you request a quote without clearly specifying the scope of your project, do not expect to receive a realistic budget that will help you make decisions.

In summary, the following three actions can facilitate their purchase decisions and substantially improve the results of your Internet marketing program:

There are many things you know about web pages. Ask before taking decisions.

Take time to determine requirements before requesting quotes for the design of your website.

Hire SEO services specialist agency along with the design of your site.

Beyond the text and images

The quality of a webpage is not measured solely by reason of her beauty, but also based on your code, performance and effectiveness.

When you make decisions about investments in technology, trading volume figures are a key information that allows us to more easily choose the best solution among the various options the market offers. There is, for example, select a payroll system for 100 workers for 5000 employees. The complexity and requirements between a stage and another are very different, so we must choose the solution that best meets our requirements and help us to meet business objectives raised.

In Internet marketing projects often faced with a situation like this. The complexity of an integrated website, say, 20 pages, is much lower than a site that will publish a catalog of 1000 products. In the first case, if we make a mistake in the design of the site will be relatively easy to straighten the road, most likely we can easily invest in the development of a second site. Not so when it is a high volume site, since in that case will not be as easy disposal and justify a second investment in its redesign.

It is therefore very important that you as a leader responsible for the design of your website, know from the outset to identify what are the key to the success of the project, identify potential areas of risk and what tools (programming languages, platforms , development standards, etc.). will be using for web site development.

Effects of bad programming

The problems that confront us daily to surf the Internet, such as slow deployment of pages, animations that we can not see out of position content, text with font sizes too small or extremely large, not having control over text size , strange behavior when using different browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape, Opera, Safari), difficulty navigating the site, among others, these are all issues directly related to programming and design standards.

We have around as an example the extreme case of a website to promote equipment and industrial tools designed format film (!), With great content (approximately 600 products), but with great difficulties in navigation caused by the extensive time deployment and dynamic menus, which by design format featuring movie ends you only 20% of the capacity of the screen to display the product of interest.

Various programming scripts

A bitter reality is that most people do not know if your website is programmed in HTML, PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, JAVA, JavaScript, PERL or other programming language (script), if a manager has used content (CMS) and what specific product, if the management software is proprietary or is a widely used commercial software, if your site is not actually integrated web pages but rather it is a movie (flash ), if CSS has been used as a mechanism to manage the design style of the pages and if the programming standards align with best practices recommended by the W3C.

In general the clients put all their attention on the visual appearance of the site only in how they look attractive and pleasant pages when accessing the site, completely ignoring what programming standards have been applied in the development of the site, what tools were employed, if the texts are actually images (which has an adverse impact in terms of performance and effectiveness of the site) and, more importantly, whether or not quality programming.

Benefits of efficient code

Web pages are themselves computer programs, applications whose specific function is to display text and images in an attractive and highly readable. A code of safe, clean and efficient not only allows us to sleep peacefully at night, but we also provides the following benefits:

• Visitors will experience much more enjoyable
• Pages will automatically adapt to different types of customers
• Your company will have a quality website
• The pages have a high performance
• Improves efficiency of the site
• The work site maintenance is easier
• It boosts the search engine positioning
• Compatibility with different browsers
• Site Portability
• Easy to adapt to new technologies

Proper programming of web pages will enable your company to have a website efficient, rapid deployment of pages, greater ease of site maintenance, better search engine positioning and above all, most importantly, more satisfied guests for ease of navigation and server response times. Definitely not the same as the customer having to wait several seconds for it to download a movie to display the information is virtually instantaneous.

Unfortunately, businesses find the poor quality of a code until the moment when problems arise. At that time they learn it will be difficult to change providers, either because management software is the owner of the site (designed by the agency) does not have a copy of the database, the site is actually a movie, techniques have been used obsolete design or just the code is of such low quality that it is not worth trying to recover.

Platform and development standards

In web design, it is important what you see, it is even more important what you do not see. In general, people tend to call a place by design, rather than its content, effectiveness and quality of programming. However, after everything is said and done during the development project, is the source code which will speak for the site. Therefore, we suggest you pay more attention to the following aspects should be given priority along with the aesthetics of the site:

• Design standards (CSS, W3C, etc.).
• Programming language (HTML, PHP, ASP, JAVA, PERL, etc.).
• Programming Techniques
• Ability to promotion (SEO)
• Ability to generate traffic ( world ranking)
If you are in charge of your company web site and is currently assessing proposals for agencies and web design, you should inquire a little more about the tools, platforms and techniques that each of these agencies use to develop their website. Not only that, but you find out why this platform is being proposed specifically to develop your company website.

It is important that you know for every need there is a solution. What works for a company, not necessarily work for your company. There are web design agencies offer a unique solution, the same tool for all cases, regardless of whether the client is a consortium or an SME, if you sell industrial products or consulting services, if they require only promotion or sale also online. Ensure the development platform is specifically selected based on the present and future requirements of your business.

A couple of questions on time to the web design agency, sufficient to avoid problems tomorrow with the performance of your website and thus can better achieve the goals originally proposed in its draft Internet marketing.

Tools and techniques of web design

A significant number of websites do not fulfill their mission of promoting employee for having inappropriate design techniques that prevent search engine positioning.

There are numerous techniques and tools for web design. Decide what language, platform and development standards used to design new business site is the responsibility of the web design agency. However, it is recommended that you get involved as possible in this decision, otherwise it your business may face problems of various kinds months later when the website is already in production.

A website, viewed simply as a set of texts, logos, images and colors, it seems relatively simple to create. Some customers even they question how much difference exists between one place and another. To the surprise of many, in practice, the differences may be considerable, as large as the success or failure of the project itself. Behind every website is a technique, a style, a tool, a language, standards, difficulty and finally a goal too. After all plans, investment, effort and dedication to the project, work sessions and content production, several other activities, it is finally: the source code of the website.

After reviewing thousands of sites for over a decade of operation of our firm, I am still surprised to discover the different techniques that can be used to develop a website. Some are so sophisticated, many times more complicated than strictly necessary, that there is more to recognize human creativity in the use and application of this technology.

The problem is not being creative, but rather lose objectivity. The primary mission of a page is not simple and elegant look, or be easily managed. Neither is having the latest technology and highest standards. Not that these characteristics do not matter. Do matter a lot, but all these have a secondary role. What is really important, the transcendental, substantial, is that your website will help promote their products and services, which is the main objective in most Internet marketing projects.

Having a web designer with a mission planted in his mind other than to promote the business, it spells trouble. A few days ago we reviewed the source code of a website that has not achieved a position in search engines. The designer had created a sophisticated block of code to display the text on the page. Besides being unnecessary, this programming style the text was invisible in the eyes of Google, which is a terrible mistake when you are attempting to promote products and client services.

Just as this case, we could talk about hundreds of sites that have implemented sophisticated design techniques that are not appropriate for the promotion of products and services online. The list is enormous, endless. Unfortunately there are many more sites designed with these "special techniques" than those produced using the best practices in web design.

Designing a website useful and effective is not easy, but neither result is that complex. We simply must focus our efforts for the site to speak the language of search engines, instead of devising how to use those tags and functions that we have found a manual to make life easier for us designers to create and maintain the website .

All our creativity must be focused on an important mission: helping our clients promote their products and services online through a website that speaks the language of the major search engines.

Take control of your domain

Having the domain and hosting your site under control, and eliminate the risk of breach of trust, we will take the actions that your company may undertake without relying on third parties.

It is common practice to leave at first domain control in the hands of web design agency or provider of accommodation. It is the most comfortable for all, the customer will not have to bother to learn the ins and outs of domain registration and the agency may maintain control over it. Under this scheme, the design agency or HSP (Hosting Service Provider) will feel the owners of the domain and act as such at the time when problems arise and the customer decides to take his role as owner.

This embarrassing situation happens every day to websites of companies. If you are not the owner of your domain, then the person who is able, if desired, to suspend the service, to publish different information, moving server and even sell the domain.

Sometimes ignorance, other times inadvertently, companies often give ownership of your domains to others, who in conflict situations caused by differences, failure to pay or simply as a result of poor service, they can act with intent, causing a serious problem to his company because they are the ones who have control over the domain.

Here are the areas in which you should have absolute control, that is, serve as a contact and have access credentials well established and guarded.

Domain Registration

The owners of the domain registrars are contacts and logging (recording) is the company that keeps track of the registration of domains. In the case of domains. Com, the record is NIC Mexico and domains. Com,. Net,. Info, etc.., There are several companies that serve as record, such as GoDaddy, Enom, Tucows, Network Solutions, Wild West Domains and Register, among hundreds of other registrars.

Additional registrant contact, a domain will have three contacts: technical, administrative and payment. However, the holder (owner) is the domain registrant contact and who can make all the changes on the domain, including the appointment of the other three contacts.

The holder of the domain must have a user ID and password that give access to the admin panel of the same. In addition, so that everything is in perfect order, the email address of contact should be one that you personally give, as it will be through it to receive all notices, including changing or password recovery.

Hosting / Control Panel

When you open a hosting contract, means a holder of the account registering the name, telephone and email contact. This person will get through that email address, credentials that will give you access to the control panel. In turn, through this panel, the account holder will have access to the various services offered by the hosting provider, such as login credentials, FTP, files, databases, email management, applications, services statistics, status of the domain, account limits and percentage of use, among others.

You as a company representative must have full control of the hosting service. That is, your name and email address should appear as a contact to the provider, so that when required any changes or account, whether you are the person who personally receive notifications.

Access credentials, just open the contract or when applying for security restore (some vendors do periodically), are sent only through email that is registered. If you want to have proper control, make sure that the contact address is a personal email that is always current and contact your provider if any change in the account.

CMS / Admin Panel

Many websites are designed using today's platforms CMS (content management system). By installing this software on the Web server that you have hired to host your site, register the login credentials of the lead manager. This administrator is the one with the power to set all global parameters, to create other users, and provide authority to control the overall management of CMS and its contents.

Upon completion of the project and once the website is published, it is desirable that those credentials that are normally discharged by the design firm, are now controlled by the client. You decide if you change or remain unchanged, depending on the agreement we reached with the design agency.

Exercising control

If you do not know who the current holder of the domain, do not worry it is very easy to know. All sites registrars offer domain information service known as "whois". If your domain ends in. Com, NIC Mexico offers the service "Domain Whois" that you can easily locate the navigation menu. For domains. Com. Net. Info, etc.., Visit the site directly from any of the registrars listed above or search on Google any of the hundreds of sites offering this information service, using phrases such effect search as "domain lookup" or "domain name search". Such sites will tell you the domain name, registrar, registrant, contacts, dates of registration, expiration and name of the server that is hosting your domain.

The central point of control over the domain and hosting is in the login credentials and email account that has registered as a contact. Any changes must be requested through that account and all notices, including issuing new credentials will come through it.

In case you are not the current owner of your domain, visit NIC Mexico or register for the site that was reported through the "whois" register as a contact and then go to the registrant's current owner, who should be maintaining a good relationship, so that he / she applies to register the change and you appear as a starter.

For the hosting service, is sometimes contracted with an intermediary (reseller hosting). If for some reason you do not want to work more with the intermediary company, there are procedures for changing the service account and hire directly from the accommodation.

If acquired by the commitment and go to the right people, put in order a domain should not take you more than 72 hours. Things get tricky when the current owner / contact is displayed for some reason reluctant to change, but will eventually have to bow to pressure from the company. In extreme cases, you will have to go to the appropriate bodies through legal channels.

Experience tells us that when the domains are not under the control of customers, is in most cases to a lack of knowledge on the subject and laziness of not taking the time to put things in order.

Social Network & Marketing Business

Social networks are an excellent way to communicate effectively with customers, but we need to work hard for the campaign is seen as a service to the community and not as a sale.

The theme of social networks is in vogue. Everyone today talks and wants to be part of the major online social communities like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Hi5, Digg, Linkedin, YouTube, among many other options. In the field of Internet, social networks are websites that allow people to connect with friends and even make new friends, to share content, interact and create communities of similar interests: work, specialties, politics, books, games , friendship, relationships, among others.

People, therefore the teams and consequently businesses are realizing that social networks have become a means by excellence to promote their products and services. However, for many who have tried, the effort has been unsuccessful. The good news is that social media marketing is feasible and profitable, the bad news is that we do homework with effort and dedication. If we take advantage of networks is important to know that its popularity is changing year after year, and that we must be cautious because not all sites are suitable for business promotion.

The value of a website that is dynamic and high popular. Now, with the possibility of integrating social media to your site, companies of any size can produce significant returns on investment of online campaigns. Social media can help your company stand out and keep their products or services in the minds of their consumers in a way that was not possible a few years ago when there were no such tools.

Do's and don'ts in a social network

What many companies still do not consider is that one must learn what to do and what not to do to reach customers on social platforms. Otherwise, your social media campaign can fail to take effect as quickly as clicking on the button "no follow". Your goal should be to create an atmosphere of friendship and transparency so that customers feel comfortable. While the amount of casual interactions that allows its corporate website can be limited, the media are the perfect platform for customer service and friendly relations, providing an opportunity to show their clients the personal and human side of your business.

One of the biggest mistakes many companies make when it is a social network is the implementation of a strategy "that is what we sell." It's a common mistake and easy to make. The stark reality is that customers do not visit their Facebook page (or even your site) to read about how big your organization. They come to the site to find out how these products or services can benefit them. Nobody wants to go to a page on Facebook to find a number of advertisements of a company. The people you're looking to interact with friends. The most successful companies in the field of social media understand this and consciously work to maintain a friendly interaction with customers and not just a business relationship.

Most effective ways to communicate

Sounds simple, but it's easy to forget. I have seen countless pages of Twitter messages, such as: "We are now offering iced coffee" or "Our travel fares are cheaper than the competition." This helps us to point out things, but we can associate the message with the consumer. Something like "Our new iced coffee is a good way to cool when the weather heats up or" Could you use a vacation? Our low rates allow escape "are much more effective ways of creating content that is crucial for the client.

Shoot some facts and tips that are relevant, such as: "Did you know that black coffee without sugar contains no calories?" or "The ten attractions in Puerto Vallarta that you can not miss. What is your favorite?" and then your visitors will return, not only to know about their products, but to know what interesting things there for listening. We know nobody likes to be listening to that person who loves to talk over and over on itself (a), so treat your fans and followers as friends, not as dollar signs. Begin to ask questions and encourage conversation and suddenly you have a real relationship with their customers on a personal level.

Successful integration

Integrate social media to your Internet marketing campaign can be an incredible way of relating with customers, but do not see this as a way to make a quick sale. Successful integration means connecting with customers to create a sense of friendship and trust by providing relevant information to help them make a decision to transform daily life in a positive way or simply expand your knowledge. If that leads them to improve the financial situation of your business in the long run, then we are talking about a successful campaign on social networks, but can not go directly to results without first get to work. Keep things in perspective and be easy to achieve an integration of social media that really benefit both your customers and your business.