Tuesday, September 17, 2013

6 Tips on Designing and Branding Websites

Advancement in technology can be seen in various aspects and internet is one of them surely. From school students to business entrepreneurs, having blogs and webpages are becoming very common. With thousands or even millions of sites on the internet, marketing has taken a different route to introduce products to people all over the world. As part of the work of a sales representative has been taken over by the internet, you should not take webpage for granted as failure to present a good webpage to the public would eventually drain out your site with the existence of many good webpages with appreciable page ranking and brilliant quality. So there is a keen competition in directing traffic to your page and ensuring more people landing on it. The one and only way to ensure this is designing and branding websites that are user-friendly and appealing to. The following ways would assist you to ensure your webpage is on par with the virtual competition.

1. Research

Before you start working on branding websites, you should know why you are having it up on the internet for your audience. A webpage may have many purposes. Some may use it to communicate with their readers and provide information to them, like fan pages on social media. Some others would want to have it for their businesses. You should be able to create value for your site so that people who land on your page actually engage with it and benefit from your content. Apart from that, when designing, your page should also be able to envision clear concept to people. We all know Facebook is about social media and Wikipedia is an online encyclopaedia. If your website is about fashion, it should capture the theme and purpose well so that it could be reflected back to the audience equally well.

 2. Content Writing and Presentation

Branding websites focuses more on content writing. Your webpage should have consistent and attractive style of writing so that people would choose your page over other competitors’ pages. Remember there are plenty of webpages out there which are providing the same content as yours. So make sure your content is written in a way that is compelling and presented well so that your audience would come back to check on your site more often. Also pay attention to the intonation of all your posts. If you are adding some sense of humor in your content, ensure all your posts are written in a more relax and casual manner. Whichever style you choose, just ensure that you have consistency throughout your content so that it creates originality and an impact to your readers.

3. Correlate Design With Content

When it comes to designing websites, you should always ensure your design matches the purpose of your site and the contents in branding websites better. Say you have a site for women and fashion; it would most probably be sassy and girlish so that it appeals to the eyes of women visitors more. If you are having a professional site for adults, it would be best to pick up some corporate based designs. Apart from that, also match your content presentation with the design that you choose. If it is a black or dark background, it will be bad to have the writings appear in dark colours. You also don’t want to have the content written in times new roman when the webpage of yours is intended for children as it would be too formal.

4. Play With The Colours

Colours play a very important role in ensuring your readers are attracted to your page. In fact, you could play around with a theme colour in designing websites efficiently. Say you choose you choose light green for the background of about us page and dark green for the header and footer, you can choose this way of colour presentation on other pages within your site like contact us with dark blue for header and light blue for the background where you have your content. So get a nice theme that suits your purpose of webpage. Of course, you wouldn’t want to choose pink for a corporate website. It just isn’t professional.

5. Make Use of Social Media

Branding websites wouldn’t be complete in today’s era where social media is taking over the advertising role vastly. This is the excellent platform to make the public notice of your online presence and get connected to the possible clients out there. Have a Facebook Fanpage for your company and ensure that it is well established and looks professional with the banners and layouts. Apart from that, you should also be on every other social media such as Pinterest, Google + and Twitter to provide up to date information to your audience. After all these efforts done, you wouldn’t want to miss out on something important. Ensure designing is done in such a way that you have the ‘connect button’ to all your social media on your webpage. Therefore, audience could click on all of them in a blink of an eye and eventually would be getting the news feeds from your company.

6. Interconnect Your Logo and Tagline

Having a short tagline is definitely very attractive and creates an impact towards your business. A tagline that is unique would help audience remember you better. ‘Finger licking good’ is for Kentucky Fried Chicken and even a kid would tell you that. That is how strong a three-letter-word can be. Get your company a catchy tagline that no one has ever used before. In addition to that, invest good money in getting a logo that sticks on people’s mind easily. While designing a logo, you could also use your tagline in your title tag under your logo to reinforce your tagline better.

Branding websites requires detailed focus and effort to ensure your message and purpose of having the site are well reflected to your audience. A good webpage complying with all the above criteria would definitely be outstanding and attracts decent amount of traffic flow to the site to begin with.

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