Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Is Seo Still Effective?

SEO is not dead, some people have completely abandoned the search engine optimization because of all the algorithm updates done by Google. The reality is that yes even though those updates are very annoying you should not give up SEO as part of your traffic strategy. Instead the goal is to adapt to the changes and avoid getting affected by any future updates.

However there are still a few things that still work today and most likely will not change, a good example is the use of sitemaps. Sitemaps have multiple purposes, for users it allows them to easily find content on your site and for the search engines it allows web crawlers to indexed new content much faster. Overall your site should have an updated sitemap and it is recommended that you submitted to Google's webmaster tools.

These days content and quality is everything, to avoid having your site penalized make sure you always write unique, quality content. Duplicate content can easily get your site penalized and the way to avoid this is by having fresh content along with powerful social signals from social bookmarking sites and social networks.

Outsourcing your SEO efforts is something most people like to do to avoid the tedious tasks of building links to a site. Sometimes it can be very difficult to build quality links which is why most of us like to outsource the work to other people. You can also find many reliable SEO services online, just make sure you do your research and look for reviews and testimonials from other customers.

The number one thing to keep in mind is that unique quality content will attract more visitors and it will help your SEO efforts. If your content is spammy or recycled information then don't expect to rank on the first page for anything because it needs to be the perfect combination of quality content and proper link building strategies. The best one is a combination of article marketing, commenting and social signals. Hopefully the information in this article helps you with your next SEO adventure.