Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ranking High In Search Engines With Wordpress Means Reigning Far and Wide

WordPress is a very powerful software for bloggers and professional bloggers. It enables visually stunning presentational blogs and eye-catching content. However, all the glitz and graphics pay no fare unless a high search engine ranking is there.

The beauty of WordPress is that it allows powerful plugins such as WordPress SEO to do all the dirty work for you. Ranking high in search engines is your blog's bread and butter.

The top three links for any given google keyword search query result in more than 50 percent of all the business for that keyword or phrase. This means if your blog does not show up in the top 3-5 links on the first page of a search results, it might as well not even exist.

The competition is high for high rankings in search engines. The code to rank high is complex and slow moving. That is the art of SEO. It is cracking the code of the Google search algorithms that change like pre-programmed robot that self multiplies.

It sounds a little dark, but in essence, Google is striving to create an algorithm that improves their search service for their customers. They are trying to block all blackhat methods of ranking high.

They are striving to name the game of best content and relevancy the winner. However, SEO stars are able to tinker with a little extra programming and guesswork trial and error that overrides Googles righteous reign.

Not all SEO is blackhat. SEO is actually mostly whitehat. Just like in any website where you have to provide a profile and information about yourself before people want to add you as a friend, no one wants to add a blank face as their friend. Google is the same.

If the blog offers relevant content and is helpful and highly ranked, then they are guessing it's worth keeping up top. For Google, quality content is king, and the goal of a good SEO wizard is to create more of it for their customer. Help is available at

WordPress offers some outstanding SEO services that really dig deep and fintune your website or blog. Simple codes and tricks tell the code and google that your blog is alive, well, and ticking.

WordPress SEO, for example, ensures that permalinks are clicked, your site is properly indexed, you've filled out all of your meta tags and essentially offered as much content and relevant keywords as possible to searchers. It's kind of like matchmaking.

If I want to learn about the best plumber in North Carolina, I want a website that will definitely match this search with rave reviews, lots of content and information for me to view, and one that matches what I search.

WordPress SEO gives a website the ability to fill in the missing holes in data that allows a webspider to crawl through your site and properly index it, link to higher ranking websites and, in essence, makes sure your web reputation and ranking is high and mighty by filling in the behind-the-scenes loopholes.

In a world where rank means reign, unlocking the power of WordPress will be sure reign is what you attain. miwebLog